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Free Hotel/Motel Shampoo Is Racist

blank Free Hotel/Motel Shampoo Is Racist

That free stuff hotels and motels have in their bathrooms for those either too stupid or lazy to bring their own is considered racist by Singer Halsey.

Halsey opened a tiny, fancy-smelling can of worms on Friday.

The singer, 23, complained about hotels not providing shampoo for people of color, which quickly descended into a full on Twitter rant.

‘I’ve been traveling for years now and it’s been so frustrating that the hotel toiletry industry entirely alienates people of color,’ she first tweeted. ‘I can’t use this perfumed watered down white people shampoo. Neither can 50% our customers. Annoying.’

Her 9.6million followers swiftly divided into two factions: and those scoffing at her for making such a trivial complaint, and those agreeing hotel shampoo was indeed racist.

Some of these idiots even complain about FREE stuff.


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Analytics Just Got Friendlier

websitelogo Analytics Just Got Friendlier

Posted by Anand Misra, Principal Product Marketing Manager

NetSuite has long been a leader in embedded analytics. We enable our customers to drive actionable analysis, enforce business processes and gain meaningful insight into company performance.

NetSuite’s new SuiteAnalytics solution has a self-serve, personalized UI with easy-to-use search and reporting tools. Its customizable reporting capabilities look less like a spreadsheet and more like a friendly, familiar tool. It delivers information in real time at no added cost, eliminating the need for developers and IT to deal with separate reporting tools.

With the new SuiteAnalytics, non-technical users can get real-time insight without waiting for IT. The user interface is designed for business users with limited or no technical knowledge of database schemas. Query language can easily create complex queries, joins, pivot tables and charts through actions such as drag-and-drop editing. Other advancements for non-technical users include:

  • A brand-new, consumer-oriented user experience.
  • Improved ease: there’s drag-and-drop editing, filtering, and easy setup.
  • Rich visualizations, formatting, charting and layouts, delivering insights that are not only more accurate, but easier to understand across the organization.
  • Dynamic interaction with live data
  • Instant previews

The new SuiteAnalytics leverages a new unified metadata layer within NetSuite, allowing users to understand the business context of the data rather than traditional record views. For more technical users, the enhancements include:

  • Multi-level Business Entity joins
  • Ability to build queries on top of queries
  • Pivoting capabilities
  • A unified view of the entire solution
  • Significant performance improvements.

“I love the ability to pivot on data now,” said Rivka Lund, a beta user with Noon Home Inc. “This feature is amazing!!!“

According to Andreas Mantius of the Clover Group, “The power of NetSuite’s new SuiteAnalytics tool will allow us to evolve and advance our reports and metrics, providing us with more intelligence to drive key business decisions.” Existing NetSuite customers interested in signing up to beta test the latest enhancements to SuiteAnalytics should contact

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The NetSuite Blog


PLEASE NOTE: this blog’s focus has changed. As of 9/1/2013, my posts will be zeroing in on the FUTURE OF PRIVACY and the role of ‘BIG DATA’ as well as on the latest developments in HUMAN-MACHINE relationships. Previously, this blog provided insights on…

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Privacy, Big Data, Human Futures by Gerd Leonhard

How Tipping Point Is Seeking Financial Justice with TIBCO Analytics

In March 2018, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) announced reforms that would alleviate the burden of parking ticket fines on low-income San Franciscans. There is increasing awareness that parking citations can result in disproportionate hardship for low income drivers, from late fees, towing, and even loss of income resulting from the impounding or sale of a vehicle. Tipping Point Community, a non-profit that fights poverty in the Bay Area, has been working hard behind the scenes to promote greater awareness of this issue, sharing statistics and recommendations with the San Francisco city government. They’ve spent the last few months crunching through some pretty big datasets to quantify just how bad the problem is.

Ashley Brown, a manager and analyst on the Impact + Learning team at Tipping Point, used TIBCO’s Spotfire Data Science platform to uncover insights from parking citation data. She took advantage of the collaborative capabilities of the platform to work alongside some of TIBCO’s own data scientists. Together, they used the point-and-click analytics tools to develop an array of statistics and visualizations that highlighted the most burdensome aspects of parking citations. The team also used TIBCO Spotfire to create dashboards for communicating the findings to other members of the organization.

The project started last year when Tipping Point came to TIBCO asking for help with analyzing the large parking datasets that it had acquired from the San Francisco MTA through the SF Sunshine Ordinance and the California Public Records Act. The analysts at Tipping Point were most comfortable with tools like Excel and Stata, so they needed a solution that was equally easy to use, but that could easily handle and clan millions of rows of citations and then combine the citation data with neighborhood attributes, demographics, towing data, and more.

They also wanted to move quickly — San Francisco founded the country’s first Financial Justice Project in early 2017, a new venture in conjunction with San Francisco’s Office of the Treasurer and Tax Collector, and Tipping Point was eager to take advantage of the City’s interest in “assessing and reforming how fees and fines impact our most vulnerable residents.” TIBCO recommended deploying Spotfire Data Science within Amazon Web Services, where it can leverage scalable cloud-based platforms like EMR and Redshift. Within a few hours, the team was able to upload datasets and produce their first data workflows.

dashboard How Tipping Point Is Seeking Financial Justice with TIBCO Analytics

Initially, the data scientists from Tipping Point looked for patterns in the way citations were given in different neighborhoods. But what does it mean to compare one ZIP code to another? How should they take into account the size of the area and the density of parking meters or tow away zones? So they started looking along other dimensions — the type of ticket, the make of the vehicle. And immediately they saw that tickets were actually more expensive for certain vehicle types that were perhaps correlated with low or middle incomes. Even tickets of the same type (e.g. street sweeping) had varying costs, most likely because of late fees. The team wanted to measure just how great a burden came from more expensive tickets (e.g. lapsed registrations) and late fees and tow away fines, and if that burden might be higher for low-income people not just because they had less money, but because the tickets they got were actually — in effect — more expensive.

But there was no easy way to relate the income of a driver to the vehicle listed on the citation. The most reliable way to track a driver’s details was from the VIN number, but only a small proportion of tickets had that information. The analysts could use the make of the vehicle, but that was a very weak proxy for income. Eventually, they realized that California license plates held the key — they are issued sequentially (7ABC111, 7ABC112, etc.) and generally remain with the vehicle when it is sold. So the digits on the plate can be converted into a unitless measure of age. Meanwhile, intuition suggests that vehicle age is directly correlated with income, a hypothesis confirmed by several studies (e.g. UT Austin, U.S. Department of Transportation).

The team now had a simple way to measure the impact of ticket costs on owners of aging vehicles. And the results were quite striking: for older vehicles, citations cost 14% more in general, and certain ticket types (e.g. expired registration) cost 32% more; delinquency rates were more than twice as high as the average.

These findings confirm what we hear anecdotally, of people who cannot pay tickets, who rapidly accumulate fees that can be fully half of the original fine, and who then lose their cars and the ability to get to work. Quantifying this — which tickets are most burdensome, and by how much — is the first step to making the system more fair. So TIBCO is proud to support the analysts of Tipping Point and the City employees working to change the way citations are managed.

workspace How Tipping Point Is Seeking Financial Justice with TIBCO Analytics

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The TIBCO Blog

Released: Microsoft Azure SQL Database Management Pack (

We are happy to announce the release of Azure SQL DB Management Pack. You can download the management pack and find a summary of features at:

Microsoft System Center Management Pack for Microsoft Azure SQL Database

New Features and Fixes

  • Fixed issue: The management pack may stop working due to a conflict of the Azure REST API libraries with the ones coming from the Microsoft Azure Management Pack
  • Provided a few minor UI improvements to the Add Monitoring Wizard

We are looking forward to your feedback.

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SQL Server Release Services

Actor And Comedian Deon Cole Launches New Revolutionary Product, The EZ-Scratch!

DeonCole Actor And Comedian Deon Cole Launches New Revolutionary Product, The EZ Scratch!

We just discovered the news that comedian and actor Deon Cole, of Black-ish and Grown-ish fame, has just become an entrepreneur and launched his own business!

Cole has just launched a product that’s known as Ez-scratch, which is a compact, discreet, soothing scalp scratcher for people with protective hairstyles, braids, locks and twists. This is something that we hear will be extremely beneficial for people who hav that scratching problem with lots of hair. If you are interested in purchasing the product or finding out more about it, check it out at

More details on Cole’s upcoming gigs coming soon!

Michael Che And Colin Jost To Host The 2018 Emmy Awards

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The Humor Mill

New eBook! How to Succeed in the New Age of Data Quality

Syncsort has released a new eBook, How to Succeed in the New Age of Data Quality, to show how you can create and implement a data quality strategy that will support your business initiatives and easily scale to meet future needs.

How to Succeed in the New Age of Data Quality Data Quality Strategy banner New eBook! How to Succeed in the New Age of Data Quality

We’re in a new age where business success depends on access to trusted data across more systems and more users than ever before. At the core of this new age is Big Data, which introduces new technology, new data sources, new data types, and new possibilities for correlating information to understand more about your customers, competitors, and business operations.

The problem is that this information is often incomplete, filled with errors, and beyond the reach of people who need it right away. Whether you’re responsible for technology or information strategy, you need to enable your business to have real-time access to reliable information to make rapid, accurate decisions faster than competitors. Without it, your company will simply be left behind.

Download the eBook today and implement your new data quality strategy.

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Syncsort + Trillium Software Blog

SalesHero's Robin Takes On New AI Sales Assistant Job

SalesHero on Tuesday introduced a new artificial intelligence-based sales assistant known as “Robin.” Built for the sales rep, Robin can learn from a user’s actions and automate processes to help improve a sales team’s daily productivity.

artificial intelligence sales crm SalesHero's Robin Takes On New AI Sales Assistant Job

Robin can access data from customer relationship management systems, customer interactions, and SaleHero’s own proprietary database of 45 million
global company records to carry out the most tedious sales tasks.

It can boost prospecting, helping to uncover new and more pertinent
accounts and leads. It can improve the quality of CRM data by filling in missing information or updating out-of-date details. It can help to accelerate customer
engagement through automated scheduling.

“As personal household AI assistants become de facto, we believe
that business AI assistants will grow in tandem,” said Stefan
Groschupf, CEO of SalesHero. “In less than 10 years, all information workers will have a personal AI business assistant with SalesHero chief among them.”

85301 550x497 SalesHero's Robin Takes On New AI Sales Assistant Job

SalesHero was built by the founding team of Datameer, a big data
analytics firm, which has raised US$ 4.5 million in seed funding to develop sales-based artificial intelligence.

Death of the Traditional Salesman

AI could be a true game changer for sales. AI-powered CRM activities could help boost business revenue by $ 1.1 trillion dollars from 2017 to 2021, IDC has predicted. Worldwide spending on cognitive and AI systems could reach $ 57.6 billion by 2021, suggesting there could be serious payoffs for investments in this tech.

“Most people don’t realize that AI will impact every electronic
solution we use, and this is a good example of that,” said Jim McGregor, principal analyst at Tirias Research.

“Often the most successful sales people are those that have assistants
that help them dot the i’s and cross the t’s,” remarked Rob Enderle,
principal analyst at the Enderle Group.

“Typically only the highest-performing sales reps get these, thus creating a cart/horse problem,” he told CRM Buyer. “It is hard to become a top rep without an assistant, but you can’t get one until you are. SaleHero’s offering is designed to remove this problem, because you can scale an AI assistant relatively cheaply.”

Tools That Can Make the Difference

One of the biggest challenges with CRM tools is in getting the salespeople to use the tools consistently and to input the information correctly, Tirias’ McGregor told CRM Buyer.

“From that perspective, this is a brilliant idea, and it automates many of the tedious tasks,” he added.

There is functionality that could help improve the process, however.

“It appears to leverage the user’s email and calendar most,” McGregor
suggested. “It would be nice to also have an image recognition UI for
capturing information from business cards, and maybe even images of the
clients, all privacy issues aside.”

Does One Size Fit All?

It is said that a good salesperson could sell ice cubes to Eskimos, and that it is the salesperson — not the product — that really matters. It isn’t as clear if Robin can adapt easily enough to be a good salesperson, though.

“It will still need to be customized to fit different companies, like all CRMs,” said McGregor.

“The AI interface will have to go through a learning process as well,
so, don’t expect it to be perfect out of the box,” he cautioned. “It is, however,
a step in the right direction.”

There are little details that no doubt will require some fine-tuning along the way.

“It notes that it assigns new contacts to existing accounts, but what if you don’t want that and need to assign multiple account numbers to the same company?” McGregor pondered.

“Most sales tools like this are pro forma and based on scripts,” said Enderle, “which
means they are one-size-fits-all in a market where sales reps are very
different from each other.”

However, AI could help in the customization.

“AI allows the tool to learn to provide the specific help needed by
the sales rep, far closer to what a human could do, and it scales far
better than a human-based solution can,” Enderle added. “This does
represent the future of sales, but it likely will only work with reps
that will except a technology based solution.”

It’s unclear how SalesHero will fare against competition in the CRM world, observed McGregor. “How long will it be before Saleforce offers their own AI interface, acquires the company, or makes changes that make it more challenging for third-party tools like this?”
end enn SalesHero's Robin Takes On New AI Sales Assistant Job

Peter%20Suciu SalesHero's Robin Takes On New AI Sales Assistant JobPeter Suciu has been an ECT News Network reporter since 2012. His areas of focus include cybersecurity, mobile phones, displays, streaming media, pay TV and autonomous vehicles. He has written and edited for numerous publications and websites, including Newsweek, Wired and
Email Peter.

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NetSuite Announces the Intelligent Cloud Suite, Enabling the Self-Driving Business

Posted by Paul Farrell, Vice President of Product Marketing

NetSuite announced today the intelligent cloud suite, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning that is built and delivered like all NetSuite functionality — in a way that customers can consume, use and quickly drive real business benefit.

The intelligent cloud suite will be delivered with the same philosophy of all NetSuite functionality and similar to its existing business intelligence: real-time, consumer-oriented, relevant, accessible and optimized for each industry and role.

The value of AI in business

AI offers incredible opportunity, but like all technologies it has to create real value and help businesses make better decisions.

Self-driving cars are an incredible technology that is still evolving, but clearly “intelligent.” However, many of the “intelligent” developments hitting the market today are not necessarily groundbreaking. Instead, they are smart automations that get applied to many (sometimes tedious) tasks. Consider mobile device improvements. They may not be groundbreaking but make a great difference to the user experience.

For example, when you get an instant message from an unrecognized sender, the phone can check all your other data for that phone number and suggest who it might be. Similarly, when you have an appointment, the calendar reminds you based on how long it will take to travel. It determines the travel time based on the weight of the traffic and then offers to load it into Maps for directions.

Straightforward, intelligent features such as these don’t require groundbreaking technology, but focus on both making your job easier and making the right decision.

3 Key Components of AI

The advanced intelligence in the self-driving car encompasses the key components that also make up the NetSuite intelligent cloud suite.

At first, most people aren’t comfortable with allowing a car to make all the decisions. But by using the three components of AI, companies like Tesla ensure drivers get the best performance from their vehicle. With NetSuite we want to make sure our customers get the best performance out of their business. Below, we break down what the three components of the NetSuite Intelligent Suite are.

1) Intelligent Insights allows you to understand your business like never before. 

Teslas let the driver know everything that is happening around the car in real-time, assuring them that the car knows what it’s doing. Some things the user can see and set up, such as rear and side mirrors and what’s happening through the front windshield. Others the user can’t see or may happen too quickly for them to notice.

NetSuite is similar. Every industry and role has dashboards and reports that give users visibility into what is happening and what they need to do. However, many times things happen so quickly that by the time people see it, it is too late. Alternatively, something important is happening and they don’t even know they should be monitoring it and opportunity is lost.

NetSuite’s Intelligent Insights will ensure, like the Tesla, that you are looking at the right things at the right time and getting insight to areas of the business you might otherwise have avoided. For example, a planning manager may be alerted to potential quality or supply issue based on a series of seemingly unrelated activity for example future weather affecting customer delivers. Intelligent Insights would push that alert or task to the planner in order to avoid letting the customer down.

intelligence%20suite NetSuite Announces the Intelligent Cloud Suite, Enabling the Self Driving Business

intelligence%20suite%202 NetSuite Announces the Intelligent Cloud Suite, Enabling the Self Driving Business

2) Intelligent Interaction helps you make the right business decisions.

With Teslas, the car lets the driver know which turns to make, when to take different routes based on traffic and always explains why, so the driver can make the right decision. It can dynamically change the display so the driver can do the right thing. It remembers what you have done in the past.

NetSuite’s Intelligent Interaction does the same thing. Based on what has succeeded in the past, how some actions are repeated, how everyone in an industry solves a common problem and NetSuite’s experience with thousands of customers across industries, it will change dynamically.

It can dynamically change the layout and tab order of screens, auto fill information based on what is typically entered or explain an area of concern and a suggested action. For example recommending how a supply problem due to weather may be solved by using alternative inventory locations.

intelligence%20suite%203 NetSuite Announces the Intelligent Cloud Suite, Enabling the Self Driving Business

intelligence%20suite%204 NetSuite Announces the Intelligent Cloud Suite, Enabling the Self Driving Business

3) Intelligent Automation can save you time in constructing workflows. 

Ultimately, Tesla’s insight and interaction gives drivers the comfort to tell the car “just drive.” The car then automatically drives to the destination with little intervention, automating the experience intelligently. NetSuite Intelligent Automation is similar.

Today, NetSuite allows any business process to be automated by a powerful point-and-click workflow engine. With Intelligent Automation, rather than a user constructing the workflows, the system will create them based on previous valid decisions and similar successful work flows that have achieved the goal. In the future, rather than manually carrying out the process, the system will do it automatically. In the same supply chain example, the user takes the Intelligent Insight and Interaction and confirms the system can automatically take the action.

intelligence%20suite%205 NetSuite Announces the Intelligent Cloud Suite, Enabling the Self Driving Business

intelligence%20suite%206 NetSuite Announces the Intelligent Cloud Suite, Enabling the Self Driving Business

Read the press release and follow the conversation from #SuiteWorld18 to learn more about how NetSuite is helping create the self-driving business.

Posted on Wed, April 25, 2018
by NetSuite filed under

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What should be the walk-on song for Prince Louis?

fb default 44e4e7eb31f498a1fc9812858f3ccf45 What should be the walk on song for Prince Louis?

The latest royal baby of Great Britain is named as Louis Arthur Charles.

The baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge.

But which song shall be his?

Louie Louie by The Kingsmen?

Or, Brother Louie by Stories

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