How to force equation display in dislayed-equation format, not inline format?

 How to force equation display in dislayed equation format, not inline format?

This has been asked in various forms before, but I have not seen a satisfactory answer to the question: In many, many cases one wants mathematical expressions represented in the form of a regular array similar to LaTeX constructs such as eqnarray or simply array, while keeping the expressions formatted the way they would be if they were stand-alone expressions in a displayed equation.

In LaTeX one can force this form simply by issuing a \displaystyle directive. Is there any way to achieve this in Mathematica, in a manageable way? I have my options set to disallow scriptlevel changes already, which helps with inline expressions, but it does nothing for expressions that are part of an array of expressions, for reasons that are mysterious to me. Thus I have found myself desperate enough to sometimes edit raw box expressions to get what I want, but Mathematica’s syntax for this is a nightmare. Half the time I end up with a severely broken expression after attempts like that, and I’m forced to start over.

So, what I am looking for is some sort of function that I could apply to an expression shown in TraditionalForm say, and possibly then invoke to be evaluated in-place. Is this possible? Or should I simply give up on the idea of doing any kind of serious mathematical typesetting within Mathematica?

P.S.: I have seen the suggestions in this post, which do help in creating equation arrays, but the issue is that the expressions in each of the array cells get displayed like inline expressions (with small operators, sub/superscripts squeezed in to the right of the operators, etc.).

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