Learn more about using Big Data Manager – importing data, notebooks and other useful things

In one of the previous posts on this blog (See How Easily You Can Copy Data Between Object Store and HDFS) we discussed some functionality enabled by a tool called Big Data Manager, based upon the distributed (Spark based) copy utility. Since then a lot of useful features have been added to Big Data Manager, and to share with the world, these are now recorded and published on YouTube.

The library consists of a number of videos with the following topics (video library is here):

  • Working with Archives
  • File Imports
  • Working with Remote Data
  • Importing Notebooks from GitHub

For some background, Big Data Manager is a utility that is included with Big Data Cloud Service, Big Data Cloud at Customer and soon with Big Data Appliance. It’s primary goal is to enable users to quickly achieve tasks like copying files, and publishing data via a Notebook interface. In this case, the interface is based on / leverages Zeppelin notebooks. The notebooks run on a node within the cluster and have direct access to the local data elements. As is shown in some of the videos, Big Data Manager enables easy file transport between Object Stores (incl. Oracle’s and Amazon’s) and HDFS. This transfer is based on ODCP, which leverages Apache Spark in the cluster to enable high volume and high performance file transfers. You can see more here: Free new tutorial: Quickly uploading files with Big Data Manager in Big Data Cloud Service

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