Mathematica Online Editing Performance

 Mathematica Online Editing Performance

Does anyone have any tips for improving editing performance in Mathematica Online? I am pulling my hair out… There seems to be editing lag like in early versions of online text editors, where it takes a while to catch up. I can’t figure out if it is the computers I’ve tried, if it’s a network problem, etc… So, I’m reaching out to see what your tips are and whether you have the same experience.

The part that is the most debilitating is when I have a lot of text or numbers on screen, such as a list of rules or just numeric data. Scrolling performance can’t keep up. I tried to think of something that I could share, but my data is proprietary.

However, I found out that the same phenomenon also happens with large formulas, which are easy to generate. I guess you can change the 5 to a higher number if the result is shorter than about two pages (otherwise you won’t be able to test scrolling). Remember to hit “show all”.

Solve[Total[c@# x^#&/@Range@5]==0,x]

On the computers and networks I’ve tested in Chrome, when I randomly scroll up and down rapidly for several seconds, it takes more than 10 seconds after releasing the mouse scroll wheel for the window to stop scrolling.

Obviously that isn’t a normal use case. Normally what happens is I keep missing where I intend to click, move, or type, because of the editing lag. The “ghost scrolling” is just a way to confirm that I’m not hallucinating.

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