New Look Blog – Site-Under-Construction

Welcome to our new look blog. We are currently in the process of moving all of our blog posts from the old blogging platform to our completely new Oracle blogging platform.  As the title of this posts suggests, we are having some teething issues….what this all means is that we are currently in “site-under-construction” mode.

under construction New Look Blog   Site Under Construction

This new platform offers us a lot of significant improvements over the old blogging software: 1) Posts will display correctly on any size of screen so now you can read our blogs on your smartphone as well as your desktop browser, 2) simpler interaction with social media pages means it’s now much less painful for us to push content to you via all the usual social media pages and 3) improved RSS feed capabilities.

While we get used to this new software, which has a lot of great features for us as writers, please cut us some slack over any layout, content and formatting issues. Note that at the moment we are still working through the migration process which means that a lot of our posts look quite ugly. We hope to get all the formatting issues resolved ASAP that are affecting our existing posts.  We are working hard to go through our old posts and get them fixed.

Enjoy our new blogging platform and please let us know what you think about the new-look blog. All feedback gratefully received.

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