Updates to Big Data Lite 4.5

There are some updates to Big Data Lite 4.5 that you will want to take advantage of:

  • Updated Big Data SQL configuration enables predicate pushdown to engage – which can have pretty dramatic performance benefits
  • Update to the Big Data Spatial framework (fixes a configuration issue)
  • New samples for the Oracle Shell for Hadoop Loaders

To get the latest updates, simply double click on the Refresh Samples icon on the desktop:
refresh Updates to Big Data Lite 4.5

As an example of the BDS performance improvement (and – this is a BDL VM – so the actual numbers aren’t nec. interesting.  But, it gets the performance concepts across) – I ran a few tests with the following query:

select count(*)  from table
where custid = 1185972
and activity=6
and genreid=7;

I ran this query 3 times against different tables:

  • Avro – not partitioned – 17s
  • Avro – genre partitions – illustrates partition pruning – 1.1s
  • Parquet – not partitioned – illustrates predicate pushdown into parquet – 0.4s

The VM doesn’t have Big Data SQL Cells – so you don’t see smartscan and storage indexes – which would show even more performance benefits.

BDS 3.0.x is a great release.  Take it for a spin!

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