Where is NumericalMath`OptimizeExpression`

 Where is NumericalMath`OptimizeExpression`

In one of my older Notebooks I found a reference to NumericalMath`OptimizeExpression`. When I wrote it, I handed the result of some transformations to

OptimizeExpression[#,OptimizeLevel -> -1]&

which yielded an expression where some variables $ 1, $ 2, … collected intermediate results to streamline the computation of this particular result. Without these optimizations, the same intermediate results would have been computed many times in the subparts of the exprssion.

To which place has OptimizeExpression moved to in Version 10 or 11?

By which other function was it superseded?

Lengthy repeated expressions often result from solving equations (like roots of a square or cubic expression) when the parameters of it result from physics of a problem and therefore involve lengthy expressions. Of course, if you would manually do the substitutions before plugging them into some normal for, you would probably arrive at similar results as with OptimizeExpression (probably with better names than $ 1, $ 2 and so on).

Does Mma now have something which I am unaware of to let Solve, Roots and the like memorize substitutions done before they arrive at their result?

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