Exciting Predictions About Big Data in the Cloud at Strata + Hadoop World NYC

Strata + Hadoop World 2016 in NYC was an exciting event.

Mike Olson from Cloudera kicked off the Keynotes by announcing his belief that Cloud is the biggest thing on the Big Data horizon, poised to grow at a compound rate of 35% per year in the next few years.  At Syncsort we have been preparing for this. In 2014, we announced the availability of DMX-h on the Amazon Web Services marketplace. Since then, we’ve seen deployments on the other main cloud vendors, and added high performance connectors to S3, Google Cloud Storage, and Redshift.

By providing an enterprise-ready, high performance data integration platform we have helped customers who were ready to move to Cloud. The use cases we’re seeing range from offloading Mainframe data to the cloud to save on storage costs, to doing all of the data warehousing and analytics on the cloud.

Jack Norris from MapR also made some exciting predictions during his Keynotes session. He predicted that 90% of data will be in next-gen technology in the next 4 years. Some of our joint customers have already realized millions of dollars of savings by using DMX-h to offload data from legacy platforms.

Hortonworks has also recognized the importance of making it easy for customers to move to the new technology. Earlier this year, Hortonworks began reselling DMX-h for onboarding ETL processing in Hadoop.

Syncsort team at booth at Strata NYC 2016 003 Exciting Predictions About Big Data in the Cloud at Strata + Hadoop World NYC

The Syncsort Big Data team fielded a lot of questions about Big Data Governance, accessing mainframe Big Data in Hadoop and Spark, and management of Big Data in the Cloud.

As enterprise customers move their new ingestion and data flows to production, data lineage and governance are becoming more important. As Syncsort’s General Manager for Big Data, Tendü Yoğurtçu, PhD discussed in her appearance at theCube one of our main focuses this year has been to work with our partners to integrate with Cloudera Navigator and Atlas, as well as publish the DMX-h metadata in an open format that can be easily consumed and integrated with any metadata repository customers may be currently using.

As documented in a summary blog on SiliconANGLE, she mentioned that “half of our Hadoop customers and Big Data customers are already in production, and these are enterprise companies, like financial services, insurance and healthcare, where regulatory compliance is very critical.  So we started focusing in this area, complementing what the Hadoop vendors are also doing.”

We look forward to our continued work with our partners in the Big Data ecosystem and with our enterprise customers to help advance the movement of legacy data and ETL processes to next generation Big Data platforms.

During her appearance on theCUBE, Syncsort Big Data GM Tendü Yoğurtçu discussed Syncsort’s recent Data governance announcement, geared to make data governance simpler and provide “knowledge of data” to manage all enterprise data sources, including mainframe.

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