New eBook Available! ITOA for Enterprises

We all know that data has become a critical asset. More and more organizations are tapping into Big Data analytics to make more informed business decisions. But beyond customer intel, there is an additional source of valuable information in the raw data generated by IT systems like servers, mainframes, and databases. Our new eBook covers the value of ITOA for enterprises.

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Unfortunately, ITOA, or IT operations analytics, can be difficult to achieve. Machine data is unstructured, sequential, and can be overwhelming in volume. Also, this data quickly loses value over time, which makes real-time data analytics vital for success.

Although there can be challenges in setting up IT operations analytics, overcoming these obstacles can be worthwhile for enterprises who can gain valuable insights and enjoy long-term cost savings.

Download our latest eBook to learn about the difficulties enterprises face when considering IT operations analytics and how Splunk + Syncsort Ironstream can help overcome those challenges.

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