SimilarTech’s profiler tells you all of the technologies that web companies are using

SimilarTech crawls the web to analyze what technologies are popular among web site operators. The company can track all of the technologies that a web site uses, and it ranks the web technologies in order of popularity.

As an example, SimilarTech tracks 60 payment technologies used across 2 million web sites. PayPal is the No. 1 vendor in the space, used at more than 1.01 million sites. If you look at the top 10,000 sites tracked by SimilarTech, then Alipay is in third place behind PayPal and PayPal Subscribe. You can also look at the rankings by the top million web sites or the entire Internet.

chen levanon 300x267 SimilarTech’s profiler tells you all of the technologies that web companies are using

Above: Chen Levanon, COO of SimilarTech.

SimilarTech indexes and tracks all of it. This becomes useful to sales people, recruiters, and business development professionals who want to size up the competition and help businesses find, qualify, and connect with new prospects, said Chen Levanon, chief operating officer at SimilarTech, in an interview with VentureBeat.

Overall, SimilarTech provides big data insights about technology adoption and usage analytics for the entire Internet, giving access to data that simply wasn’t available before. The insights are used by marketing and sales professionals for website profiling, lead generation, competitive analysis and business intelligence.

“What you’find is that everything changes when you go from the top 10,000 web sites to the entire Internet,” Levanon said. “We can show what the long tail looks like in the trends.”

With a single search, you can find out which publishers are currently using Outbrain’s plug-in, which recommends links at the end of web articles.

The SimilarTech platform can also provide you with leads, as it provides the names and emails of decision-makers.

The founders figured out that every web technology leaves a footprint. So it built crawlers that can scale massively and extract the data from millions of web sites every day.

Current customers using our insights include Facebook, PayPal, PlayBuzz and Google.

The platform has  a free version that lets users search for any website and see which technology they use, market trends, compare market share among different technologies, plus look at their geographic distribution and generate limited reports of leads.

The paid version starts at $ 290 per month and the price scales up as customers need bigger lists, geographic segmentation, and more in-depth reports on tech usage. You can see one example that compares the market share of Magento versus Shopify.

Yaniv Hadad and Eyal Weiss started the company in Israel. Levanon was the founder of performance mobile ad platform ClicksMob, and she sold the company to AppGrade in March. She joined SimilarTech in August as a cofounder and COO in San Francisco, while the rest of the company remains in Israel.

“No other company in the world provides the level of detail we show on technology usage, which includes the ability to segment companies by geography, web traffic and compatibility with specific technology stack,” Levanon said. “There is an enormous demand for our insights, coming mostly from software companies that need to get more sophisticated when it comes to finding, qualifying and connecting with leads based on the technological DNA of their company.”

similartech 3 2 800x441 SimilarTech’s profiler tells you all of the technologies that web companies are using

Above: SimilarTech cofounders Yaniv Hadad(left) and Eyal Weiss

Image Credit: SimilarTech

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