Building the Power BI Strava data connector

I love cycling, both watching and doing it myself. One of the cool things is that is very data driven sport and thanks to Strava much of this becomes available to anyone, not just the elite athletes. Of course I would love to do more and get this data into Power BI. Thanks to Strava’s API’s and the new Power BI custom data connector SDK this is now possible!

I started building this connector the day the SDK became available but unfortunately got stuck a bit and I wasn’t happy with the code I wrote, I knew this could be done easier but I am a DAX guy not an M guy at the same level as DAX :). But thanks to the new amazing examples Matt has created I was able to finish the connector!

To start, the connector I wrote is fully available on GitHub: It is mostly based on the samples provided by the data connector team so I won’t go too much into the actual building of the connector itself. I added many comments to the code and point to the samples I stole them from  Building the Power BI Strava data connector. But honestly it is pretty straightforward copy and paste from the samples when your service uses REST API’s with OAuth 2 and JSON payloads.

So let’s look at how to get it running yourself before we look at using it:

Now that we have the connector available, let’s look at using it:

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