Move or Resize #PowerBI visuals with the arrowkeys

April 4, 2018 / Erik Svensen

Move or Resize #PowerBI visuals with the arrowkeys

You might already know that you can move one selected visual with the arrow key – one point and if you hold down the SHIFT key it will move 8 or 9 pts when you click the arrow key.

See this example – move the visual with the arrow keys

But can you also resize multiple visuals !!!

Until today I didn’t think it was possible to resize visuals using the arrow keys – but it can be done – and even when you select the more than one of the same type of visuals.

So, if you want to make all your cards or bar chart – you can simply select them and then switch to the Format tab of the visual – under General you will find the width and height of the selected visuals.

You can enter new values OR use the magic of the arrow keys !!!!!!! – if you use Arrow up or down you can actually change the number 1 point at a time

Check out this video

This will naturally also make your visuals exactly the same size.

It will save me and hopefully also you a lot of mouse clicks in alignment and resizing.

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Erik Svensen