Podcast with John Michaloudis!

Awhile back I recorded a podcast with John Michaloudis from MyExcelOnline and it went live today.  Fun chat, lots of excitement.

We talk about all of the “beautiful accidents” which led me to where I am today.  We talk about my favorite Excel tips (enabling a certain addin wlEmoticon smilewithtongueout Podcast with John Michaloudis!), my favorite Excel function (heh heh, it starts with “CAL”), but most importantly, the amazing opportunities available to us data folks today.

I was apparently fully-caffeinated that day too, as you’ll hear in the first 30 seconds of the pod…  if you aren’t “up” to listen to the full 67 minutes, just listen to that first 30 seconds wlEmoticon smile 1 Podcast with John Michaloudis!

image 6 Podcast with John Michaloudis!

Click to Listen wlEmoticon smile 1 Podcast with John Michaloudis!

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