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Zanax music.

Never heard of the artist but I like the song.

Checked out some of her other stuff….hundreds of millions of views! Sheesh!!

Drugs and music. Music and drugs. Sometimes, they go together. At least, in the popular imagination. If jazz was haunted by heroin, and rock bloomed on acid, and disco darlings preened on cocaine, and ravers got touchy-feely on ecstasy, Lana Del Rey’s recent single, “Love,” sounds like two milligrams of Xanax crushed into dust and set adrift on the Pacific breeze in your mind. “Don’t worry, baby,” she sings repeatedly during the ballad’s gentle send-off, her voice plunging low, enunciation going slack. It’s the kind of song that quietly levitates you out of your life, then disappears.

Listening to “Love” on Xanax might feel redundant, but in today’s freaked-out America — where relief-seekers are swallowing opioids and benzodiazepines in record numbers — the connection between our sounds and our substances feels pervasive. When everyone seems to be on drugs, everyone’s music sounds more and more like pill-pop.

One could argue that drugs and pop have always worked more in parallel than in tandem — both attempt to relieve the symptoms of the era. But much of today’s pop music explicitly asks to be heard in a pharmacological context. Brand names keep popping up in our singalongs, particularly in rap music, where Xanax, Percocet and other pharmaceuticals have long been praised for their abilities to numb the agony of existence.

The whole of 21st-century pill-pop has a sound, too. It’s a smoothness, a softness, a steadiness. An aversion to unanticipated left turns. It isn’t new, but it’s increasingly everywhere. You can hear it in the Weeknd’s demulcent falsetto, in Rihanna’s unruffled cool, in Drake’s creamier verses, even in Justin Bieber’s buffed edges. Out on the dance floor, it’s most evident in the cushiony pulse of tropical house, a softer style that Kygo and other big-time producers have used to mitigate the intensity at various EDM festivals in recent years.

In a way, modern music has always been pill music. Drugs and pop were both permanently stitched into America’s cultural fabric shortly after World War II, back when a menu of new psychotropics was being sent to market around the same time rock-and-roll was being born. Both have provided comfort ever since — a parallel that surely isn’t lost on Del Rey, whose inconspicuous lullabies frequently conjure the blurry romance of yesteryear’s American Dream.

In rap music, whose artists are more concerned with owning the future, some have aimed to re-create the effects of contemporary psychotropia while others have struggled to quit cold turkey. On his Grammy Award-winning 2016 album, “Coloring Book,” Chance the Rapper kicked his Xanax habit in rhyme: “Last year, got addicted to Xans/Started forgetting my name and started missing my chance.” On a track from 2014, Schoolboy Q recounted his trials with an entire cabinet of prescription drugs: “Percocets, Adderall, Xanny bars, get codeine involved/Stuck in this body high, can’t shake it off.” Last year, Isaiah Rashad rapped with disdain about the Xanax addiction that nearly cost him his career: “Pop a Xan, baby. . . . Only pop it ’cause you heard it in a song.”



“Just How Close Are We To Reaching The Point Of No Return?”

torches pitchforks “Just How Close Are We To Reaching The Point Of No Return?”

In an excellent BBC Future piece, Rachel Nuwer attempts to weigh how close the West is to societal collapse, an implosion that would occur, if it does, not because of scarcity but due to our system, plagued by wealth inequality, failing at distribution.

Climate change may also play an important role, with a potential refugee crisis that will dwarf Syria’s tragedy, the relatively “dry” states overwhelmed by the inundation. Or perhaps the luckier lands will meet with disaster by trying to build a wall to keep the future out. Either reality is fraught.

The writer relies in part on the computer models of systems scientists to gauge if ecological strain and economic stratification will topple us, some of which suggest the latter factor could do us in entirely on its own, though the more likely scenario would be a confluence of unfortunate circumstances.

Of course, models have long predicted that great societies, actual or virtual, would soon be ghost towns. In 2014, two young Princeton academics applied epidemiology to social networks to make a prognostication I’m sure they’d like wiped from the Internet: By 2017, Facebook would lose 80% of its users. Missed by that much.

Still, sooner or later, entropy will leave a bruise.

The opening:

The political economist Benjamin Friedman oncecompared modern Western society to a stable bicycle whose wheels are kept spinning by economic growth. Should that forward-propelling motion slow or cease, the pillars that define our society – democracy, individual liberties, social tolerance and more – would begin to teeter. Our world would become an increasingly ugly place, one defined by a scramble over limited resources and a rejection of anyone outside of our immediate group. Should we find no way to get the wheels back in motion, we’d eventually face total societal collapse.

Such collapses have occurred many times in human history, and no civilisation, no matter how seemingly great, is immune to the vulnerabilities that may lead a society to its end. Regardless of how well things are going in the present moment, the situation can always change. Putting aside species-ending events like an asteroid strike, nuclear winter or deadly pandemic, history tells us that it’s usually a plethora of factors that contribute to collapse. What are they, and which, if any, have already begun to surface? It should come as no surprise that humanity is currently on an unsustainable and uncertain path – but just how close are we to reaching the point of no return?•

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Hannity getting nervous about #TrumpRussia surveillance… freaks out when called a Trump “advisor”

 Hannity getting nervous about #TrumpRussia surveillance... freaks out when called a Trump advisor

That denizen of Nevada brothels, Sean “bad for America” Hannity likes to refer to his close relationship to Agent Orange, but freaked out when listed as one of the two media people POTUS45* uses for close advice. It depends whether Sean gets a subpoena because of the social networks of #TrumpRussia and FBI/NSA surveillance on its players.

An article titled “Trump Reaches Beyond West Wing for Counsel” asserted that among other unconventional advisers who the president reaches out to, “Sean Hannity tells the president that keeping promises on core Republican issues is crucial.”

The article went on to say, “Presidents always deploy surrogates to appear on television to spout their talking points, but Mr. Trump has expanded on that by developing relationships with sympathetic media figures like Mr. Hannity who also serve as advisers.

Mr. Hannity, the Fox News host, defends Mr. Trump’s most controversial behavior in public, but privately, according to people close to Mr. Trump, he urges the president not to get distracted, and advises him to focus on keeping pledges like repealing the Affordable Care Act.”

This apparently sent Hannity into a rage.

C DOP5hV0AA8Q3u Hannity getting nervous about #TrumpRussia surveillance... freaks out when called a Trump advisor

Times reporter Maggie Haberman responded that Hannity’s heated reaction is kind of bewildering given the anodyne nature of the article.

“W all due respect, we were interested in who POTUS talks to, not you, and several ppl close to him cited you,” Haberman said to him. “Also reached out to Fox News pr, who took no issue w it. And it was hardly critical of you. Not sure why the reax.”

Hannity replied, “The @nytimes has no clue who I talk to as I refuse to EVER TALK TO THEM! @POTUS knows you are FAKE NEWS and I doubt he talks to u either.”

We now know a bit more about who colluded with whom in the matter of the 2016 election ….

C CKtv4XYAAVx W Hannity getting nervous about #TrumpRussia surveillance... freaks out when called a Trump advisor
NY Times should apologize for their part in the October Surprise

“Should you consider what you’re about to do may help elect Donald Trump president?” an adviser asked him, Mr. Comey recalled recently at a closed meeting with F.B.I. agents.

He could not let politics affect his decision, he replied. “If we ever start considering who might be affected, and in what way, by what we do, we’re done,” he told the agents….

But with polls showing Mrs. Clinton holding a comfortable lead, Mr. Comey ended up plunging the F.B.I. into the molten center of a bitter election. Fearing the backlash that would come if it were revealed after the election that the F.B.I. had been investigating the next president and had kept it a secret, Mr. Comey sent a letter informing Congress that the case was reopened.

 Hannity getting nervous about #TrumpRussia surveillance... freaks out when called a Trump advisor

What he did not say was that the F.B.I. was also investigating the campaign of Donald J. Trump. Just weeks before, Mr. Comey had declined to answer a question from Congress about whether there was such an investigation. Only in March, long after the election, did Mr. Comey confirm that there was one.

For Mr. Comey, keeping the F.B.I. out of politics is such a preoccupation that he once said he would never play basketball with President Barack Obama because of the appearance of being chummy with the man who appointed him.

But in the final months of the presidential campaign, the leader of the nation’s pre-eminent law enforcement agency shaped the contours, if not the outcome, of the presidential race by his handling of the Clinton and Trump-related investigations.

C8sCbsXXUAAxUzs Hannity getting nervous about #TrumpRussia surveillance... freaks out when called a Trump advisor
 Hannity getting nervous about #TrumpRussia surveillance... freaks out when called a Trump advisor

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The ABFF Comedy Wings Competition Announces It’s Finalists In Atlanta!

Rodney Perry The ABFF Comedy Wings Competition Announces It’s Finalists In Atlanta!
As we reported 2 days ago, its that time of the year where The American Black Film Festival starts to ramp up The Comedy Wings Competiton in preparation for their upcoming festival.
Anyway, as we stated the competition’s finalist were to be chosen on Thursday and they were in Atlanta, at The Uptown Comedy Corner.
The finalists chosen to move on to Miami for the ABFF Comedy Wings Competition were comedians Brandon Cole (B- Cole), Shereen Kassam, TuRae Gordon, Jason Weems, and Cyrus Steele II.

Tonight’s show was hosted by comedian Rodney Perry, and we hear that he may also make the trip to Miami to possibly co-host. The Comedy Wings Competition is set to kick off in Miami June 14-18th.

If you are not familiar, The Comedy Wings Competition is a national search for the new stars of comedy. The goal of the competition is to provide a platform for talented yet undiscovered comedians to break into film and television. Semifinalists are selected from around the country to participate in the live audition, and the finalists are hand picked by the judges to proceed to the event at the 2017 ABFF in Miami.

More details soon!

Soul Singer Cuba Gooding Sr. Found Dead In His Car

John Witherspoon Confirms Another ‘Friday’ Movie Is On The Way!

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The Humor Mill

John Witherspoon Confirms Another ‘Friday’ Movie Is On The Way!

JohnWitherspoon John Witherspoon Confirms Another ‘Friday’ Movie Is On The Way!

After John Witherspoon stopped by Power 95.3’s GetUp Crew in Orlando. He confirms his conversation with Ice Cube to do another Friday! Watch the interview below:

The ABFF Comedy Wings Competition Announces It’s Finalists In Atlanta!

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The Humor Mill

Tipsy Roadrunner

 Tipsy Roadrunner

Happy, happy!

“This little Road Runner had one too many drinks.”
Image courtesy of

lymefight: chronicallyinvisible: I was thinking earlier, I’m not sure chronic illness is isolating…



I was thinking earlier, I’m not sure chronic illness is isolating in and of itself, I think it’s often people’s lack of understanding surrounding illness that makes you feel so freaking alone. Sometimes the lack of empathy is more unbearable than the symptoms themselves, like you’re living in a state that is so entirely foreign and inconceivable to most people and it’s just utterly alienating.


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At Rodger’s place.

I’d say maybe 5% of today’s 8th graders could pass it.