4 Ways That Automation Is Transforming Marketing

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4. More precisely timed communications

A famous Roman philosopher named Seneca said that “luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Marketing automation helps you prepare communications in such a way that you’re in front of the customer at precisely the right moment. It can help you:

Deploy communication by season. Depending on what industry segments you serve, your customers may have prime times for various opportunities. For example, school districts may make the majority of purchase investments in the early fall. Or some companies may be making last-minute purchases at the end of the year. They have excess budget left, and need to spend it or face the risk that finance will lower their budget for the coming year. Automated campaigns triggered by these specific periods of time can help you more effectively seize these opportunities.

Save unhappy customers. You have a small window of opportunity to save unhappy customers, and marketing automation can help you accomplish this. Yet we can’t call every single customer and give them the TLC they require — it’s simply not scalable. So instead you can use triggers to identify which customers may need extra attention.

Launch retention campaigns. A company that experiences a high attrition rate may not be sure why its customers are leaving. After studying the issue, its management may determine that customers are leaving most frequently at the one-week and three-month marks. As a result, the company can use marketing automation to create education-nurturing campaigns, including high-value content addressing common customer problems.

Engaging with customers more accurately

Marketing automation helps you understand customers in context so you can more effectively discover and deliver what they need most. No longer are you guessing what they want and when they want it. You know with absolute accuracy, and can deliver more relevant content and offers.

As a result, you can build more authentic relationships and drive greater impact for your brand in a way that is measurable, concrete, and more effectively scales your existing resources.

Are you using marketing automation? If so, what are the major results you’ve experienced? Please share!

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