5 Simple Ways to Harness More Attention from Sharing Content on LinkedIn

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When sharing this link, you might write, “Only 30 percent of organizations say they’re effective at content marketing. Check out this report.”

You can also post content your company has created in-house, such as customer success stories, white papers and blog posts, and then promote that content through LinkedIn status updates. Test out this strategy, and see how it affects engagement for your brand.

2. Use LinkedIn Pulse to harness greater results

LinkedIn Pulse allows content marketers to reach millions of users. When an article is posted, not only is the article made available to everybody, but it is also easily viewed by your contacts. Like status updates, this helps you stay in front of your audience. Here are a few steps to successfully post on this platform.

  • Write long posts. Posts that are shared the most are typically about 1,600 words, yet LinkedIn posts must be even longer. In fact, posts that have the greatest number of comments, views and likes on LinkedIn Pulse have about 2,000 to 2,500 words.
  • Write a headline that captures attention. Most people will read your headline, yet only a small percentage will read your content. Capture more readers by designing headlines that will drive greater engagement.
  • Make content easy to skim. When writing long-form content on LinkedIn, it’s important to make it easy for the reader to consume, especially since the majority of readers skim content. Use bulleted lists and short paragraphs.
  • Use visuals to keep readers moving through content. Most readers are visual. By strategically placing visuals throughout your content, you can keep them engaged until the very end. Plus, it’s important to note using visuals helps you capture more likes and shares.

Once the content is designed and you’re ready to post, select the day and time that provides the greatest impact. For example, LinkedIn reports it receives the highest traffic Monday through Friday, mornings and midday. Start by posting during these times, and then track your results internally to better understand the ideal posting time for your target audience.

3. Use LinkedIn groups for greater impact

Most B2B marketers belong to at least a few LinkedIn groups, but not all are maximizing results from this tool. One of the major benefits is the ability to understand what topics resonate best with your target audience.

For example, let’s say you post a question about a pain point your audience is facing. Posting the question yields dozens of responses and engagement. At this point, you have some valuable information. You know there is enough interest on the topic to invest resources in developing a piece of content such as a white paper, blog series or report. Here are a few tips for using LinkedIn groups more effectively to harness more interest in your brand.

  • Start a conversation. For example, let’s say your target audience is marketing managers. You could ask, “What is your biggest challenge when it comes to creating content?”
  • Encourage your team to get involved. Have you ever posted on LinkedIn and then nothing happens? Get the conversation started by asking others on your team to start commenting. Once they start commenting, the post will capture attention from others, and they will start engaging, too.
  • Share valuable resources. Once the conversation gets going, look for additional ways to provide value to those participating. For example, share a link to a white paper that addresses the pain point or a case study that shows how a similar problem was recently solved.
  • Keep the momentum. After making connections with new contacts in your target market, it’s important to keep that momentum moving. If you haven’t already, connect with individuals who are engaging and start looking for ways to provide mutual value. For example, someone may have valuable insight to provide to others in your target marketing. Interview this person for a guest post on your website, and then promote their work.

4. Refresh your company page

A LinkedIn company page highlights basic facts and details about your company, but it’s also a conduit for potential leads. When prospective companies want to learn more about your company, they often arrive at your LinkedIn page. Many marketers, however, set up this page and then forget about it — which is a lost opportunity.

For example, check out Microsoft’s LinkedIn page. They share updates related to their brand, such as the article “Reinventing Business Processes,” which received 1,107 likes and 54 comments.

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