Are You Making These 5 Critical Landing Page Mistakes?

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Also, don’t forget to align your headline copy and your CTA verbiage. Whatever you promise to deliver in the compelling headline, make sure you reinforce it in the call to action.

4. Font Issues

Ever wondered if font negatively impacts conversions? You can put that question to rest, because research shows that it does. For example, ClickLaboratory completed a conversion rate optimization test for Numara Software. The first thing they did was revamp their client’s website font. The new font was larger and had greater spacing for ease of reading. The results were impressive, with a 10 percent reduction in bounce rate, 24 percent increase in pages per visit, and 133 percent increase in conversion rates.

So, which fonts should you use? Eye-tracking studies show that serif fonts have better comprehension levels than sans-serif options. For example, “Georgia” was rated as being easier to read than “Verdana.”

It’s important to note, however, that while serif fonts may be ideal for body copy, headlines need to make an impact. You can select different fonts for the headline and body copy, but limit the number of different fonts on your page to cut down on font fatigue.

5. Offers that Are Not Great

WordStream analyzed $ 3 billion in advertising spending to better understand what separated average-performing sites from those that achieved amazing results. They determined that while tiny changes, such as switching out the color of buttons, played a small role in conversions, there were more powerful factors at work.  

Very successful landing pages performed well because they used a “massively differentiated offer” that provided extreme usefulness to solve a customer’s pain point.

For example, HR company PayScale makes an offer that’s focused on their target audience’s pain point, which is attracting talent through compensation plans. They offer “Bring Back the Sizzle … PayScale’s Guide to Comp Plans That Get Workers Fired Up (in a good way).”

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