Back to Basics: Writing Effective CTAs

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Tools of the trade

So, how do you concoct those clever CTAs?

Brainstorming is one of my favorite activities. I love to start a writing project by generating a list of relevant words and letting my mind wander. I keep that list handy, then, as I go through the creative process, I come back to consult it and see what words came up. Those initial reactions – off the cuff, gut-words – are almost always precise and accurate.

To give this a try, make a list of actionable words – things that truly put the “action” in “call to action.” Some examples include “enroll,” “sign up,” “buy,” “sell,” “send,” “email,” “purchase,” “try,” and “go.”

Next, generate a list of the words that apply to the topic at hand – words that come up in your industry that surround your product or service, or are otherwise familiar in context.

If you’re stuck, thumb through your thesaurus for ideas. Google makes some pretty cool tools that can help you, too, such as AdWords and Correlate; both can help you generate keywords, which are a smart starting point for creating a CTA.

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