From Scratch: Four (Free) List Building Strategies

From Scratch Four Free List Building Strategies FI From Scratch: Four (Free) List Building Strategies

Strategy 4: Boost In-Store Engagement

For the past four years, there’s been an Annual Major Purchase Study conducted. The Fourth Annual report, sponsored by Synchronicity, illuminated “how important the in-store experience can be in influencing shopper behavior.”

Most large purchase research starts online, and generally ends with an in-store purchase for things like sports equipment, jewelry, musical instruments and equipment, furniture, and appliances.

60% of shoppers surveyed checked social media, and 40% checked online reviews before making their decision to purchase. Importantly, though, 64% of shoppers who conducted both online and in-store research at some point in their journey said in-store research had a greater influence on their purchase decision.

If your clients (or you) have physical stores, offer their visitors a chance to sign up for digital offers – in the client’s newsletter, coupons, special events – in order to build the list. Make sure store associates not only offer cards at the appropriate moment, but ask whether prospects would like to receive information about products or services (or events) electronically.

Most importantly, store associates should be well informed about product and service offers, the local competitive environment, and opportunities for upsells. If you’re an agency, you might recommend your client employ secret shoppers to truly identify opportunities for improved engagement.

Ensuring your visitors have a seamless and positive “omni-channel” experience consistently across all touch points – web, mobile, social and in-person – will build confidence, credibility, trust and ultimately, sales for your clients and their clients.

In our next post on list building strategies, we’ll look at pay-to-play models of list building strategies:

  • Paid Media (Google AdWords, LinkedIn Sponsored Content, banner ads, etc.)
  • Events and Trade Shows
  • Look-Alike Platforms and Tools
  • Lead List Purchases

Stay tuned!

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