How Developing a Sales Team is Like Professional Football

How Developing a Sales Team is Like Professional Football fi How Developing a Sales Team is Like Professional Football

MCKENZIE: Who does that apply to? SDRs (Sales Development Representatives), Account Executives, or RSMs (Regional Sales Managers)?

LUKE: It applies to everyone in an SDR, sales rep, or sales leadership position. And ultimately, it applies to your Sales VP, your Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), and your CEO. It’s a numbers game. You need to be able to ensure you’re getting the maximum amount of connections for the day. But a connection is worthless if it’s a connection to the wrong person.

That’s why you’re seeing a lot of revenue leaders seek technology that helps point sales in the right direction. Otherwise, people just call out of the database a lot of time. They’ll call out of a list. They’ll be cold calling. And they’ll be lucky to get one person that day who would even listen to what they’re saying, let alone book a meeting.

MCKENZIE: As your team’s “coach,” how do you help them be productive and successful?

LUKE: It starts by ensuring my team understands that merely showing up to work will not deliver them to the promised land of commissions, quota achievement, recognition, career advancement, and money.  Anyone can show up. Showing up is a task, like brushing your teeth in the morning.  Anyone can do it.  Now, anyone can walk through the door in the morning and back out in the evening. But if there is a separation of top producers vs. bottom performers, then there must be a magical combination of effort and skill that top performers have.  That magic typically consists of a high sense of urgency, prioritization toward revenue-generating tasks, 100% coachability, and violent execution of strategy without hesitation or procrastination.  When members of my team exhibit these qualities or traits, I know they will get a higher return on their time investment than others who don’t.

So in an athletic event you have your competition; you have your performance; you have your individual goals; and you have your team goals. Individual goals roll up to your team goal. You have to be able to unify as a team to be able to accomplish your overall goal, which is winning the game.

That’s the same way a sales team is constructed. You have your coach, your players, and your individual and team goals.  Add strategy, coachability, sense of urgency, and violent execution of critical tasks without hesitation or procrastination and we have ourselves a team focused on winning the game against a prepared and relentless competitor.  When the last second ticks down to zero and the sales quarter is over, there are winners (those that achieve their quota) and losers (those who do not).

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