Industry Leaders Weigh in on Upcoming Marketing Trends for 2017 and Beyond

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John Boitnott

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In spite of the many ways they now have to communicate, consumers still crave immediacy. This is disruptive. In 2017, live interactions will take center stage, with Facebook Live already available and YouTube Live debuting soon. Marketers will find ways to use live video to engage customers and stand out on already overcrowded newsfeeds.

One area predicted to make a strong comeback in 2017 is direct mail marketing. Businesses now realize that consumers are inundated with messages through email and social media. By creating eye-catching print materials, they can get the attention of consumers through the postal system. Why it still can be costly, direct mail items like postcards can get results without a high up-front expenditure.

Other thoughts:

More and more, businesses will set aside organic marketing in favor of paid advertising on social media, since it allows them to reach highly-targeted markets based on collected data.

For direct-to-consumer marketing, email will be important. It’s not exactly a throwback, but it is one of the oldest online marketing mediums and it will play a vital role. The goal of email marketing in 2017 will be to provide a personalized approach that makes customers feel as though they have a relationship with the brand.

Although not a “throwback,” blogging will continue its increase in relevance for social media marketers, with businesses seeking out influencers who can get their message in front of large groups of readers. When this succeeds it can be a disruptive strategy. The goal will be to create content that is interesting and readable, while also keeping it visually appealing through the use of graphics and images.

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