Lithium: Watchlist 2016 Elite, LiNC 2016…Total(ly) communities

I’ve known Lithium — as an analyst and as an adviser to the company — for many, many years. I’ve also known a significant number of the Lithium leadership for a long time as friends, not just business colleagues. I’ve always liked it a lot — one of my faves in fact — for two reasons. First, it is a company with a substantial amount of potential. Second, it’s always had, even in its most difficult moments, a lovely group of people to deal with. I’ve covered Lithium for a long time and have praised it, criticized it, been puzzled by it, and seen it clear as a bell – sometimes both or all at the same time. It’s been one of my clients for a long time; although not a particularly lucrative one, one of the ones that I truly enjoy working with.

There is little question at this point that Lithium has become the top-of-mind community platform provider. Why should you care?

Let me begin this review of the CRM Watchlist 2016 Elite winner by telling you why you should care.

Before I tell you why you should care, a brief interlude: in the interest of not making this article ridiculously long, I won’t publish the the CRM Watchlist 2016 Conference Scorecard details. I will tell you that Lithium achieved the highest score of any company this year (an A-) due to the incredibly well-orchestrated program around the keynotes, and the overall cadence of the conference, along with high levels of crowd engagement. If Lithium wants it, there is a full conference scorecard discussion available to it free of charge in lieu of the publication. (Note to readers: Are you happy with me not publishing the scorecard, or should I have?)