Prime Day: A showcase for Amazon's engagement 'echosystem'

Well, while I am still heads down on writing the final chapters of my new book, The Commonwealth of Self-Interest: Customer Engagement, Business Benefit, now due out between June and August of next year from Harvard Business Press (a long-winded approach if I have ever had one), I, of course, continue to provide you with content I only wish I was smart enough and good enough to write. And my name isn’t Stuart Smalley.

But my guest poster’s name is Brent Leary — who has graced these pages before. He is the owner and founder of CRM Essentials, and, if you don’t already know this, is one of the world’s foremost influencers and experts in CRM, small business, social media, the enterprise, and, as you probably now can guess, Amazon and its remarkable engagement ecosystem. His post here, appearing just in time for Prime Day 2017, gives you the inside scoop on the master plan Amazon has to continue to not just disrupt but engage to all our — and certainly their — great benefit. Brent is too humble to say this, but this post rocks.

Take it and run to your local… oh wait, you can order that online!

All yours, Brent!

amazon prime day Prime Day: A showcase for Amazon's engagement 'echosystem'

(Image: Amazon)

Happy Prime Day!

Two years ago, Amazon marked the 20th anniversary of its founding with a special day of deals for approximately 44 million Amazon Prime members. And while many were underwhelmed by the kinds of items that were on sale, it went so well that Amazon repeated it last year, for approximately 63 million Prime members, racking up an estimated $ 500 to $ 600 million in sales. That’s an estimated figure, since Amazon doesn’t give out figures on what it sold on Prime Day, but it did say that it sold 60 percent more last year over the first Prime Day. Which is why it seems like this year it is pulling out even more stops… for approximately 85 million Prime members.