This consumer revolution is being televised

Okay, folks. Here’s another guest post while I finish part 2 of my “Commonwealth of Self-Interest.” This one comes from a true thought leader in the space, Sameer Patel. To work backwards, Sameer is currently the CEO of Kahuna, one of the rare marketing automation platforms focused around B2C. Prior to that he built SAP Jam, their brilliant collaboration platform, taking what was to be nice a frog and turning it into a prince that is now king. What makes this reverse tale even more amazing is that before that Sameer had no real experience as a product development leader but more as THE thought leader in enterprise 2.0 world – a.k.a. collaboration space. He was the first collaboration thought leader to recognize that there was a convergence between E2O as it was called and social CRM, and often led the charge via his blog pretzel logic in both industries.

I am thrilled to have him here to talk to you about something that vendors, practitioners and thought leaders hold dear. How customers have control of the conversation – but in terms of consumers and their engagement. Also, by the way, he is a wonderful person. Which isn’t really BTW but is core.

Take it away Sameer.