Visualize your Dynamics Data

Visualize your Dynamics Data

How many years of data have you collected in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 system? If you include data imported from legacy CRM systems, it’s not uncommon to hear responses ranging from 10 to 20 years of data.

Is that data JUST lying around and eating up storage space?  Do you feel you are truly getting value from all of that data? If you don’t feel like you are, then don’t worry because you are not alone ???? Microsoft Dynamics provides several tools to help you Visualize your Dynamics data, and experience it in a much more effective manner.

Find Your Data

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides an intuitive tool that lets you find your data, which is called the Advanced Find. You can use it to filter out any noise, and focus on the data that is important to you.

1 Visualize your Dynamics Data

Report Your Data

Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to create reports using an intuitive report wizard. You can use it to view your current data, and archive historical snapshots.

2 Visualize your Dynamics Data

Chart Your Data

Microsoft makes it very easy to create meaningful charts based on the data that you care about. You can add these charts and Advance Finds to a dashboard, and view all of your key metrics on a single screen.

3 Visualize your Dynamics Data

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