Where is the internet of healthcare 'things'?

Before I give Rio Bowerman the stage, I need to introduce this guy to you. Rio is the son of a childhood neighbor of mine – and a brilliant young lad with a huge future. I was so taken with him and his potential that back in 2009, I had him write something on my “other” blog PGreenblog about social media and millennials.

Yet, what he has to say here and now is even more compelling – partly due to what’s happened to him since. Let’s just say, not only has he been through something difficult and life threatening but a long and slow road back. None of this has deterred him. He is still a brilliant young guy with a huge potential future. But I’m going to let him tell you his story – and also please listen to his suggestions because they are germane to what the Internet of Things can do for health services – and not in the abstract.

Take it away Rio.