8 Ways to Sell More with Joint Webinars

by Jenna Soard

Doing joint webinars is a fantastic way to sell a product, service or e-course, build your list, and gain credibility, to an audience outside the one you have already built.

Together with Mariah Coz from Femtrepreneur.co, I ( aka Jenna Soard from YouCanBrand.com) have had major success with selling our products together on a webinar training, instead of selling alone.  

How to find your perfect joint webinar co-host

Your perfect co-host has a similar audience but non-competing products. We call then “vertical market partners” – you serve the same niche, but with different products. 

As Mariah puts it, “One of the reasons Jenna and I were so complementary is that we serve the same target customer but with completely different products that don’t overlap or compete. =We also both get a ton of questions about the other person’s specialty. I get a lot of questions about Squarespace and branding, and she gets a lot of questions about list-building – so it was a perfect fit.” 

Mariah and I did $ 5,000 in sales in one webinar, and not even from my list, but from her list! I loved her audience and they seemed to dig me too! Now I feel like Mariah is my kindred entrepreneurial sister from another mister! 

Mariah had started doing joint venture webinars with other partners for the two months prior to ours: one every week, eight webinars with a total revenue of more than $ 50,000. She recently did a webinar with someone in a similar niche to support her new product launch. 

Here are the stats of one of Mariah’s recent joint webinars:

  • 800+ people registered (Each partner promoted the webinar, each partner had a list of about 3,000 subscribers)
  • 400 watched live
  • 1200 watched total (including the replay)
  • 300 total individual sales 

Joint venture webinars can get exceptional results. The attendees get a ton of value, especially if you get in front of a new audience. Your sales are potentially doubled by your bundle offer, because of it’s limited time offer. 

My experience with webinars was a little bit different than Mariah’s, as I’m a bit newer to the JV webinar experience. I was so excited by the $ 5,000 in sales from the JV webinar with Mariah that I started putting out the word I was open to partners with an application process.  

I scheduled three, two with fellow entrepreneurs and one with Time Paige from LeadPages. The LeadPages webinar was successful, the other two were not. The main problem I encountered was that many of the applicants did not have an email list that was comparable in size, and they debated that their social media reach was just as powerful.

These potential partners would say things to me like, “Oh yeah my list is big. I have 2,000 people in my Facebook group, or I’m a member in five groups that total over 20,000 people.” But they didn’t have a very big email list or a product to bundle with mine. 

The problem is that social media influence is rarely as powerful as a well-maintained email list. When a co-presenter doesn’t have a comparable list, then someone gets the short end of the stick, if you’re doing a shared commission. If not, it can be a waste of time if no one shows.

LeadPages jumped on this joint venture webinar game and follows some criteria to combat this issue of low attendee rates on JV webinars. The deal is they allow LeadPages members the opportunity to have Tim Paige, (one of their well known conversion experts) do a webinar for your audience, in exchange for a 30 percent commission.   

The one I held with Tim had great success. I did over $ 1,300 in earned commissions for only a 1.5 hour webinar, and all I had to do was invite her list and introduce him. The only requirement from LeadPages is that they aim for 200 registrants or they cancel the webinar and funnel them into a public one on a different day.

How to get started on joint webinars:

  1. Make a list of all of the potential webinar partners: influencers, peers, people in your industry. They can either have their own products, or just be “audience people” who make money by affiliate sales. 
  2. Every week, connect with and email two or three people on this list with a pitch to do a dual webinar. This will get way easier after you have your initial webinar results and you are somewhat “proven.” Most people will say yes!
  3. Be prepared to offer to do the work if they are “bigger,” but don’t be nervous. Just ask!

How to make joint webinars effective

  • Come up with a clear outline before hand. It’s almost like a script of who will say what when. I also like to include approximate times such as “give minutes” or “10 minutes.” 
  • Play to both of your strengths. I personally like joint venture webinars where BOTH of the hosts are presenting and teaching, as opposed to just one person introducing the other person and then letting them speak. So include topics that you can both speak about and teach on.
  • Divide the work fairly. For example, if one person is doing the back-end webinar set up, the other person can make the promotional graphics. 
  • Split profits 50/50. Unless you have a set commission and it is strictly an affiliate arrangement, split it down the middle so it’s fair. 
  • Make sure you are both clear on promotion tactics and expectations. Are they promoting it to their list, or just on social media?

Jenna Soard is the founder of YouCanBrand.com, a hub of programs to help insatiable entrepreneurs on how to design and brand themselves. You can watch and example of one of her joint webinars here.

Mariah Coz is the founder of Femtrepreneur.co, where she helps bosses stop screwing around with their blogs and turn them into big, profitable businesses. You can grab her comprehensive step-by-step webinar checklist right here


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