How to Use Quizzes to Generate Leads

by Josh Haynam

Quizzes may have been enjoying their moment in the internet sun these past few years, but they can be a really useful tool for marketing and generating leads for your business. The quiz has been a staple of our society for hundreds of years, starting in pubs, spreading to Cosmopolitan, and most recently taking over the internet when Buzzfeed re-popularized them a few years ago. 

If you’re interested in generating leads through a quiz, you’ll be responsible for creating more than just a goofy quiz. The actual medium itself can be inconsequential to KPIs if you don’t offer more than just an entertainment value. If people are going to give you their information, they’re going to want something in return.

At Interact, we’ve tied those viral personality quizzes to lead capture forms (which also happen to integrate directly with Infusionsoft) so you can capture new contacts from your viral quizzes and follow up with those people in a personalized way. 

Let’s look at two different ways of creating quizzes for lead generation and break them down step-by-step so you’ll walk away from this article with an actionable game-plan for bringing in leads from those viral quizzes you see oh-so-much on the internet. 

Idea #1: Personalize your value proposition and ask for a lead in return

Marketers have more broadcasting available than ever before. This is awesome, but it also presents a challenge – how do you stay relevant and personal when it’s so hard to know who is reading your messages?

The answer can come in the form of a quiz that funnels people to relevant content based on their personalities. 

 How to Use Quizzes to Generate Leads

Our first example comes from Fragrant Jewels, a boutique candle company using a quiz to help their potential customers find out what type of candle lover they are. This is an important question to answer in a space like the candle products industry where there are nearly infinite options to choose from. 

The quiz uses traditionally proven personality-style questions in a game-like format to help people find out what their personality is. 

 How to Use Quizzes to Generate Leads

After the quiz questions but before the results are revealed, there is an optional lead capture form to get a free gift from Fragrant Jewels. Despite an obvious skip option, 2,315 people opted in to Fragrant Jewels from this quiz. Offering something for free is an excellent incentive that encourages people to opt-in. Why pay for something when all you have to do is submit some basic information about yourself in exchange for a free gift? It’s a win-win situation both for you and your audience.

 How to Use Quizzes to Generate Leads

After the opt-in comes, another opportunity to bring in new customers through a personal call to action. A study of 93,000 different calls to action showed that smart CTA’s (defined as applicable directly to the content of the page), convert 42 percent better than generic CTAs (defined as not applicable directly to the content on the page).

In this example quiz, Fragrant Jewels offers a different and personalized discount code to each quiz taker based on which result they are recommended.

 How to Use Quizzes to Generate Leads

How to use this quiz strategy: The first step to personalizing using a quiz is to identify what’s core to your business. For Fragrant Jewels that’s easy because they make candles. However this strategy isn’t limited to e-commerce brands; for a company that doesn’t sell physical products, you could make the results lead to different ebooks or videos to help people learn something new. A conservation agency could do a “Which Baby Animal is Your Spirit Guide?” quiz with a link to donate towards saving that animal as the CTA.

Once you’ve identified what the personalities of your quiz will be (whether it’s candles, ebooks, or animals), create a quiz that uses personality logic to match people up to their result and add an email capture form to let people opt-in if they choose to. 

After you capture email addresses, use marketing automation to follow up in a personal way with people based on which product or style you gave them, which will allow you to continue to make sales long after the quiz campaign. 

Idea #2: Pair a quiz with a big event in your company or industry

Events are a huge part of marketing your business and bringing awareness to that pain points your product alleviates . Events provide an opportunity for excitement and something different, a break from the norm. 

Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles utilizes events in their marketing to increase donor participation and raise interest for their cause. One event they do is a series of promotions for their Therapy Dog program (think Shark Week, but for cute dogs). 

As part of this year’s event, they created a quiz “Which Therapy Dog Are You?” which went absolutely viral on social media, bringing in 45,000 views and 32,000 leads in just over two weeks. 

 How to Use Quizzes to Generate Leads

The quiz looks just like what you’d see on your Facebook newsfeed, which is the secret to an effect event-based lead generation quiz. The questions are image-based and colorful, enticing people to get involved. 

 How to Use Quizzes to Generate Leads

After the questions, a lead capture form comes up asking if people would like to stay updated on Children’s Hospital news, which is hard to pass up considering how many cute dogs are waiting behind that capture form. 

 How to Use Quizzes to Generate Leads

Then the result is revealed and you are paired to a dog through your personality. These dogs are so cute and the results descriptions are so flattering that this quiz garnered 15,804 social interactions. That’s incredible for a piece of content that was also used for lead generation. In comparison, think of the last time someone enthusiastically commented on your latest ebook – it just doesn’t happen. Quizzes have the unique ability to bring social attention and leads all at the same time. 

 How to Use Quizzes to Generate Leads

To make a quiz like this one: This is an event-based strategy. You may not have the luxury of being able to use cute dogs for your quiz, but you could very easily do a “Which Event Speaker are You?” quiz or a “Which Workshop Should You Attend?” quiz using the same event-focused strategy. 

Start by thinking about different personalities that are present in your upcoming event, then turn those into a quiz and place a lead capture gate in the quiz that offers to follow up with information around the event and the quiz takers’ personal result. 

Now over to you.

Quizzes aren’t going away, but unless you actually have a strategy for how you’ll use them to generate leads and drive sales, you’ll just be wasting your time creating them. The two ideas above show exactly how a pair of companies used a viral quiz for lead generation, pick one and try it for yourself!

 How to Use Quizzes to Generate Leads

Josh Haynam is the co-founder of Interact, a place for creating beautiful and engaging quizzes that generate email leads. He writes about new ways to connect with customers and build trust with them.

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