How Microsoft Social Engagement Can Benefit Your Non-Profit Organization

CRM Blog How Microsoft Social Engagement Can Benefit Your Non Profit Organization

For non-profit organizations, which often have limited resources and budgets, social media is a vital marketing tool, and a social listening module such as Social Engagement will help you harness the potential it offers. When integrated to a CRM system—which can improve your response times as well as help you manage events and budgets and keep track of donors and supporters—it will bring many benefits to your organization.

The importance of social listening for NPOs should not be underestimated. The wide variety of social media platforms available provide a great means to understand what is important to your key influencers in order to engage donors and supporters to your cause. This way, your organization can stay connected with other people who are passionate about your cause, monitor the conversation to better take part in it, and raise awareness about your organization’s objectives and events.

The social listening module with Microsoft Social Engagement provides several ways to achieve these goals. You can search or monitor certain keywords, allowing you to track relevant hashtags, mentions and users to better stay aware of what is being said about your cause and organization. This makes it much easier to address comments, thank donors and supporters or share recent developments and upcoming events. The latter is a fundamental element of a successful online fundraising campaign—just remember the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to see how much potential this has! And users respond well to visual content, so don’t forget to post photos and videos of events to let people know what you’re doing to achieve your goals.

Sentiment analysis is another useful tool provided by the social listening module. On top of knowing what online users are saying about your organization across social media, you will be able to determine at a glance how they feel about it. The module is able to recognize if a reaction should be considered positive or negative, not to mention that it can do so in 5 different languages, which can be helpful for organizations with an international voice. Being responsive and approachable as well as showing appreciation for your supporters and their comments will go a long way in cementing your online reputation.

In short, listening and tracking your followers’ reactions on social media is essential to the marketing efforts of any organization, but maybe even more so for NPOs that may not have as many resources at their disposal. A social listening module integrated to your CRM system will make it that much easier to manage your social accounts, stay up to date with what is being said online about your organization and cause, and stay connected with supporters, donors and the general public. From there, you may also consider the marketing module from Microsoft Dynamics CRM to take your marketing campaigns even further and better manage your events and lists of supporters and potential donors.

By JOVACO Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM marketing specialist in Quebec

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