How to Change the Panel Header Colour of a Sub-Grid in Dynamics 365

Microsoft released Dynamics 365 July update with many new features and enhancement. One of enhancements that it came with is allowing users to change colour of a sub-grid’s panel header. To change the colour of the panel header is a very easy process and it helps users to have a greater experience by improving the aesthetics of the form.

I am using a custom Entity called “Exam Results”, and each record has a look up to a Contact record. Each exam result has a custom attribute I created called “Result”. This field’s data type is “Option Set” and has only three options – Passed, Failed, TBA.

I added three different sub-grids on the contact form, and those sub-grids are used to display exams a student has passed, failed and the exams with result TBA. The following screenshot shows what those three sub-grids look like for one of the contact records.

image thumb How to Change the Panel Header Colour of a Sub Grid in Dynamics 365

To add a colour of your choice on sub-grid panel header, follow these steps:

  1. Open the form editor.
  2. Double click on the sub-grid whose panel header you want to add the colour to, in this case I wanted to set sub-grid “PassedExams” to Green.
  3. This will open the form that allows us to update the properties of the sub-grid.
  4. Populate the “Panel header colour” field, in this case I entered a hex value #91F78F. Then select ok.
  5. Then save and publish all the changes made on the form, before I did that I changed the colour of panel header of all three sub-grids.

Following is what the subgrids looked like when I opened a contact record. Each sub-grid header had the colour I selected.

image thumb 1 How to Change the Panel Header Colour of a Sub Grid in Dynamics 365

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