OMG, do YOU use CRMojis?!

crmojis blog 300x225 OMG, do YOU use CRMojis?!

PowerObjects has a brand-new CRM themed emoji app – CRMojis – and we are pretty excited about it!  020217 2127 OMGdoyouhav1 OMG, do YOU use CRMojis?!

To channel Joe CRM and give life to your CRM-related text messages, all you have to do is download the free app from the iTunes store – sorry, only available on iPhone at this time. JoeCRM tears OMG, do YOU use CRMojis?! CRMojis include CRM MVPs Gretchen OMG, do YOU use CRMojis?!–  CRM inside jokes HolyCRMBatman OMG, do YOU use CRMojis?! – and all the Joe CRM emotions you can handle JoeCRM hearteyes OMG, do YOU use CRMojis?! .

020217 2127 OMGdoyouhav2 OMG, do YOU use CRMojis?!          020217 2127 OMGdoyouhav3 OMG, do YOU use CRMojis?!

We hope these fun CRMojis bring your texting game to a whole new level. JoeCRM sunglasses OMG, do YOU use CRMojis?! Be sure to check back in for new CRMoji additions regularly.

Happy 020217 2127 OMGdoyouhav4 OMG, do YOU use CRMojis?! – ing! 020217 2127 OMGdoyouhav5 OMG, do YOU use CRMojis?!

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