What is a Citizen Developer, and Why Should I Care?

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There’s a term floating around more and more lately: Citizen Developer. While it’s on the cusp of becoming a more mainstream phrase, its meaning has yet to become widespread, and that’s a shame because it describes a person with enormous potential. A Citizen Developer has the capability to grow an organization’s ability to do business. So, let’s break down this new term down for you so you can learn what it takes to become one!

You probably already know what a citizen is, right? They look kind of like this:

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Citizens are people, plain and simple. And then, of course, there’s the developer:

080317 1926 WhatisaCiti2 What is a Citizen Developer, and Why Should I Care?

Developers are also citizens, but they know varying degrees of coding language and typically require caffeine to operate.

As you can see, caffeine aside, there’s one big distinction: developers have a more in-depth technical breadth which allows them to customize things, such as CRM for Microsoft Dynamics 365, in ways a non-technical person could not. Up until recently, Microsoft Dynamics 365 didn’t have much of an in-between – you either had to know code or live with your existing system. Enter the Citizen Developer; they look something like this:

080317 1926 WhatisaCiti3 What is a Citizen Developer, and Why Should I Care?

The Citizen Developer is an exciting new role because they don’t believe coding knowledge should limit an organization’s ability to drive success through Dynamics 365. As they work within their Dynamics 365 environment, they see ways to improve it. While technical knowledge of CRM for Dynamics 365 is still needed, in-depth coding knowledge is not required. A Citizen Developer has learned how to leverage the new tools available in Dynamics 365, which allow CRM admins and customizers to customize their environment with no code and low code solutions. They enable an organization to run more efficiently and smoothly and they bridge the gap between the non-technical and technical skillsets of a business.

We know you’re wondering: how does one become a Citizen Developer? You’re in luck! PowerObjects has just released its new Dynamics 365 University Fall Course Catalog, and with it, there is a brand new CRM Citizen Developer Training for Dynamics 365 training. This course will get you on your way to propelling your organizations to new heights. Whether you are starting to learn code or don’t have any interest in coding at all or if you’re looking to customize your Dynamics 365 environment with no code/low code solutions, this class is for you.

Happy Dynamics 365’ing!

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