Having a Baby and the CRM Evaluation Process

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In the process of making a lot term plan of finding and maintaining a new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution, it can be helpful to look for support in similar activities. Finding more relatable, relevant processes and tying it to the evaluation can smooth things over significantly. One of the options can include the process of having and raising a child. This may sound crazy at first, but when you scale it down a bit, the parallels are uncanny. This is not to say they are the same; having and raising a child is much harder and more expensive, but is also much more fun and more rewarding. Let’s like at some of these commonalities.

  1. There are different stages throughout the process.

When looking at new CRMs, it is easier to break it down into stages. For example, stage one is gathering company data and knowing what needs are. Stage two is evaluating vendors and demos. Stage three is selecting one and stage four is implementation. In childbirth, it is done in stages as well as the birth process can be broken down into trimesters, where doctors can note the growth of the baby as well as learn things such as gender.

  1. Growing pains are to be expected.

There are plenty of pains when having a baby. Outside of the actual birth, there is morning sickness, contractions, and other aches. It is natural and part of a healthy baby growing. As in a CRM evaluation, there are growing pains in the evaluation and implementation. Gathering your data and pinpointing everyone’s needs can be a hassle, as well as getting everyone on the same page. While implementing, getting enough time and importing/exporting can be quite a pain as well.

  1. Multiple people are needed for a success.

While it may be easier to have one person focus in on the CRM software, it is always more beneficial to include others like the main users, management, and owner. Even if it is just for final approval, the more that see it, the more questions and precision of the evaluation. When having a child, it is also beneficial to involve more people. A doctor to monitor progress and tell you things like the gender and health of the baby, a supportive family to be there for you, and friends to help prepare you for the arrival of the new one.

  1. After everything is completed, you continue to spend time and money.

Once the child is born, the time and money continue as you can raise the child as your own. Albeit a huge investment, it does not have to be overwhelming, in part due to the support from other people. After a CRM is chosen, the same can be said. More money will be needed for support and updates as they come, as well as time to enter new data and maintain the system.

  1. The end result is always worth it.

The CRM software should be so much more efficient than the old system or process that you could never switch back even if you wanted to. A better ROI, more sales, more leads, and easier communication should be some of the benefits. The result is more worth it when having a child; the connection you have to your own flesh and blood is indescribable and if you ask, the most fulfilling thing they can do.

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