March Madness is Exciting, but CRM Madness is Not

gettyimages 502190866 March Madness is Exciting, but CRM Madness is Not

March Madness. They are perhaps the only two words referencing a sporting event that everyone in the country will know. It’s fame and excitement causes people to use vacation days, paint their faces in support of their team, and make players that rise to the top millionaires in the NBA draft. Not to mention all the money the schools participating in the tournament and the NCAA make. With all the craziness of upsets and filling out of brackets, you can spend day after day watching and creeping toward the edge of your seat. This is good for college basketball, but if there is any one area you do not want this kind of madness, it is in relation to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. When it comes to your CRM, you should in fact not want excitement. It would be better if there were no surprises. Having a method, an agreed upon way to enter data, and consistent follow-up methods, along with unity across the users, is critical for ultimate success. Let’s look at some other ways you do not want your CRM to be like March Madness.

-Do not let the little guy get more attention than the big fish.

When leads come in, there should be some sort of ranking system, whether it be by number or by quality in words. This is important so you know which leads you should reach out to first and when contacted, which leads to pushing a little more for a close. Nurturing leads that aren’t ready to buy can be just as important as pushing a lead that is to get a signed contract. Pushing too early, however, can cause you to lose an opportunity. Focusing too much on the little guy in the tournament can also be negative. The big fish don’t always win, but they do for the most part still. Most teams that make the final four, and even the elite eight, are single digit seeds, and usually top five as well. In fact, there have been seasons where the final four was all one seeds.

-But don’t ignore the little guy.

In the tournament, there will always be upsets. So, while you should not focus on the little guy, don’t completely ignore them either. Take everything with a grain of salt, but when you look at individual players and matchups, choose your upsets wisely. Do not be afraid to consult experts and others for outside opinions. Within your CRM, although there is a prioritization of leads. Do not ignore the ones that are deemed weaker, whether it was you that labeled it weak or someone else. Everyone makes mistakes, and a lead that seemed weak may have wanted you to think that anyway, even if it is not the case. So, give the little guy some attention to, just not too much if you find that they truly are not ready yet to make a purchase.

-Do not get overexcited and overwork a lead or flip between leads too fast

With 67 total games being played, there are going to be multiple on at the same time. When it comes down to the wire, there may be a few close games with under five minutes to play at once. It can be easy to get so excited you are out of your seat, flipping back and forth between channels every ten seconds to make sure you do not miss something. Thank goodness for modern TV! This, however, would not be a good way to work your leads. You should not be flipping back and forth, on the edge of your seat. You should know where each lead stands based on your conversations so you can plan your communications knowing what to expect and when to be ready to move forward in the sales cycle.

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