The Powerful Benefits CRM Provides for Manufacturers

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We often harp on the strong benefits of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for manufacturers.

But customer relationship management (CRM) software can provide just as many powerful opportunities.

A strong CRM solution can provide businesses with a detailed overview of a customer’s needs and requirements, insight, and visibility into the sales pipeline, relationship-building tools for manufacturers targeting suppliers, and much more. Below, we’ll go through many of the powerful benefits in place for CRM users in the manufacturing industry.

Detailed overview of the customer

A major concentration for those in the manufacturing industry is relationship management. Relationships are crucial to the success of a manufacturer. Fostering powerful connections with customers gives your business a leg-up on the competition (in an increasingly competitive field) by building retention and growing your business. CRM software offers a complete overview of your customer’s information and interaction history. If you need to quickly reference something related to a customer’s history, or if you want to know what their needs might be before the ask (cross-selling and up-selling), you’ll have a plethora of accessible data to back you up.

Manufacturing is going mobile

The days of sales reps sitting, glued to an office desk are far behind us. Now, sales reps from all sorts of fields (inside, field, etc.) are going out and building relationships with prospects and current customers. They need a software solution that will be responsive, flexible, and work wherever they need to work. This has never been truer than in the manufacturing industry. Sales within manufacturing are B2B and field-focused. Sales reps are more mobile than ever before and need to be in front of the customer to complete a sale. Imagine having access to a database of customer information while visiting a particular prospect, or being able to quote a product on-site for a prospect or customer. This type of flexibility can only be made possible through CRM.

Sales pipeline visualization

Manufacturers rely on a detailed, clearly-defined sales pipeline. Without visibility into this valuable funnel of prospective customers, there’s no chance at accurate forecasting and sales reps are left wandering, trying to close deals without the necessary reporting metrics. CRM equips manufacturers the tools needed to create accurate, influential forecasts, along with reporting and dashboard features to ensure a powerful and accurate sales pipeline.

Cross-departmental collaboration

Did you know? CRM software empowers team members across numerous departments to utilize the same database, the same collection of real-time data. When the data is updated in real-time and accessible to all, a natural push towards collaboration is created. A company whose departments are more collaborative than siloed is one that’s ready to grow and evolve in a healthy manner.

Are you a manufacturer looking to get your hands on some powerful sales automation technology? No problem. Contact our CRM specialists today to get started!

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