Announcing Jaspersoft 6.4: Embedded BI and Reporting Evolved

jaspersoft Announcing Jaspersoft 6.4: Embedded BI and Reporting Evolved

I’m pleased to announce our latest release, TIBCO Jaspersoft 6.4. Based on popular demand, the release has more than 100 quality, feature, and performance improvements across the entire product set. Capabilities span from more web-based reporting, enabling less technical users to create more formatted content, to multi-level hyperlink actions through dashboards, to new import-export features that streamline the management content on the JasperReports Server.

Visualize.js continues to drive a modern, immersive user experience for application developers. We’ve added input control components and the ability to inherit CSS for styling web page content. Our product team continues to create a substantial body of new sample content to better enable developer success. Be sure to check out our latest content:

  • New live Visualize.js API samples guide
  • js API samples on GitHub
  • Full sample application showcasing embedding on GitHub

Report developers will also find continued usability improvements in Jaspersoft Studio based upon popular demand from our commercial customers. The new release has completely re-worked UIs for defining HTML5 charts, with hundreds of properties at your fingertips for creating highly customized report content.

As always, we want to hear your feedback and see how you are using Jaspersoft to fit your embedded reporting and analytics needs. Comments? Drop me a line at

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