Colegio Nueva Granada Uses Data to Develop Student Potential

CNG blog Colegio Nueva Granada Uses Data to Develop Student Potential

Founded in 1938, Colegio Nueva Granada (CNG) in Bogota is a K4 through 12th grade college preparatory school serving students from over 30 countries. The school’s mission is to motivate students to fulfill their individual potential for excellence.

“Families have choices about where to send their students, so education, like other industries, has to demonstrate that it’s providing a value-added product,” says Olga Polyakov, assessment data analyst. “CNG seeks to be a top school in Colombia—as well as in Latin America—so we can successfully compete for excellent teachers in the international marketplace.”

Standing in the way of a 360º view of students was data coming from standardized testing companies as a series of Excel files. In addition, student data was being input manually by hundreds of teachers. There was no way to control data quality.

Read about CNG’s amazing success using Spotfire, including how it helps teachers know their students very quickly—even before they learn their names—to understand their academic strengths and weaknesses and address them before they’ve observed those weaknesses personally.

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