Customers Demonstrate Amazing Achievements Using API Management

blog 01 Customers Demonstrate Amazing Achievements Using API Management

Sportradar’s API Management Winning Streak

The official provider of data for the NFL, NBA, NHL, International Tennis Federation, and NASCAR, Sportradar US is recognized as the fastest growing sports media provider in North America. With the industry’s most proficient software, it distributes easy-to-consume content and data while setting new standards for speed and accuracy. 

“We initially started using TIBCO Mashery® because it was easy,” says SVP of Technology and Operations Dave Abbott. “We had built API portals in previous lives and understood the challenges and investment. At my last startup, it took a couple million dollars, six people, and six months. For $ 181.50, we built a free-trial functional prototype with Mashery in about three and a half days.

“About a year ago, we ran another evaluation. Mashery held up, and we stuck with it. Reporting is also very important, and from Mashery, it’s adequate on the method level, the service and package levels, and for general traffic.”

Read more about Sportradar’s experience with Mashery, its data feeds, developer portal, store, and user experience.

Hotelbeds Group Puts API Management Problems to Rest

Operating mainly under the Hotelbeds and Bedsonline brands, Hotelbeds Group connects 35,000 travel intermediaries in more than 120 markets to travel providers in over 180 countries who represent more than 120,000 hotels, 21,000 transfer routes, and 12,000 activities.

“The dynamics in our industry are affected by agreements and partnerships that can bring unexpected changes to the market, which is already influenced by world events,” explains Bruno Rodriguez, API evangelist. “Our first goal was quota control. Customers were sending a massive volume of requests to our system and overloading our infrastructure. Because we couldn’t handle the volume, customers were disconnected, so they couldn’t book anything. Obviously, we were losing money. In an increasingly competitive world, we really needed a cloud solution like TIBCO Mashery. We compared at least three or four API managers and made the decision. It was, for us, a way to stay on top of it.”

Learn how Hotelbeds got control of its traffic (at peak, around 6,000 data requests/second) and expanded business with clear metrics, a simple user experience, and stable, fast, reliable API management.

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