EagleView Soars with Cloud and On-premises System Integration

blog eagleview EagleView Soars with Cloud and On premises System Integration

EagleView is a leading provider of aerial imagery, data analytics, property data, and GIS solutions for local and federal government agencies as well as the construction, energy, infrastructure, insurance, and solar industries.

“We needed to transform data structures from the order management system into Salesforce, and from Salesforce into NetSuite,” says Bruce Harris, director of business applications. “If we couldn’t update the technology―the multiple point solutions, dual data entry, and manual syncing of systems that were causing questions about which system was the source of truth—we would’ve had increased technology and personnel cost, continued errors, lost opportunity cost, and potential loss of revenue due to inability to process transactions correctly and efficiently.”

Read the story to learn how the company used TIBCO Cloud Integration to solve its immediate problems as well as secure time and cost savings and complete sales-to-marketing attribution. It can now tie contacts directly to marketing campaigns, and attribute sales to the marketing source.

Listen to the podcast with Bruce Harris, his colleague Senior Product Marketing Manager for the Commercial Division Kishari Singh, and TIBCO’s John Andrews for a deeper dive into their extensive integration project.

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