How Do Customers Use TIBCO Technology?

rsz bigstock human resources and customer c 107174288 How Do Customers Use TIBCO Technology?

Our new Customers website shows off how companies across every major industry are using TIBCO technology to improve business results and customer satisfaction. The site includes quotes, videos, and stories that describe the most pressing challenges faced by organizations around the globe, how and why they decided on TIBCO, benefits they’re experiencing since implementation, and how they see the future. You can filter search results by region, product category, and TIBCO Trailblazer Award winners.

Want your company featured on this site? Join the TIBCO Customer Reference program. We’ll work with you to publicize the significant impact you are making on your business and its customers. As a reference customer, you’ll have opportunities to speak at TIBCO and industry events, share your achievements via a video testimonial and case study, and become a candidate for a 2017 TIBCO Trailblazer Award. You’ll benefit in three ways:

Awareness: We’ll promote your story and achievements to executive level technology leaders worldwide over a three-month period.

Talent attraction and retention: We’ll showcase the significant, leading edge business transformation you’ve achieved, which you can use to attract and retain high quality talent.

Recognition: We’ll help raise the visibility of the individuals we interview as thought leaders across all industries TIBCO serves.

What are you waiting for? Join the program today!

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