How T-Mobile is Disrupting and Revolutionizing the Wireless Industry

tmobile How T Mobile is Disrupting and Revolutionizing the Wireless Industry

T-Mobile US, Inc. is redefining the way consumers and businesses buy wireless services through leading product and service innovation.

“T-Mobile is out there to disrupt and revolutionize the wireless industry,” says Sagar Khaire, senior manager of DevOps. “It’s the leading brand right now, just the way we provide our services and our products to our consumers and businesses is just . . . We changed the whole wireless industry.”

In this podcast, Mr. Khaire and Principal Engineer Rakesh Madireddy explain how the company has pulled ahead by listening to its customers, shouldering all pain points, and simplifying processes for billing and using its network services. Their results include record-low churn of around 1.1% for 71 million customers and 14 consecutive quarters of having the fastest download and upload speed. Listen in to find out how they achieved faster, more stable services; elastic infrastructure; and the agility to meet customer demands worldwide.

Stay tuned for a T-Mobile customer story and video coming soon.

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