Insights from the Hackathon at TIBCO Energy Forum 2017

Today’s booming competitive landscape demands that to create a value analytics added solution, a company must invest on multiple levels:

  • Find a BI tool that is fit for the problem and tech ecosystem
  • Train a team to work within the paradigm of the tool
  • Define their domain specific problems as analytic questions
  • Apply the team’s skills and tool capabilities to answer the analytic question

Often, companies will achieve 2-3 out of the above 4 and fail to reap the full benefit of their investments. At the TIBCO Energy Forum 2017 Hackathon we set about to address this by allowing the format to be flexible.

The 2-hour guided hackathon was designed to address common analytic use cases in the energy sector and how TIBCO Spotfire could be leveraged to gain insight. We saw registrations from more than 130 Spotfire enthusiasts of all skill levels. They could choose to compete in the guided hackathon or follow along and explore the energy sector problems they found most relevant in the areas of machine learning, geoanalytics, data exploration, production data analysis, and integrating social media insights into their applications.

solution screen Insights from the Hackathon at TIBCO Energy Forum 2017

Participant entry and comments for “Points in Polygons” problem, which asked analysts to programmatically match the Wells to their regional properties.

The TIBCO tech team was excited to evaluate the participant entries and discover how they had transformed data and leveraged data functions to customize dashboards, identify unique patterns through visualizations, and bridge the gap between knowing the product and using it effectively to solve the business problem.

We at TIBCO recognize that building an ecosystem where consumers are able to develop on and contribute to the platform benefits the entire community. To this effect, we encourage you to try the Spotfire hackathon exercises and send in your entries, questions, and feedback to

Resource Links

  • TIBCO Energy Solutions contains datasheets, case studies, solutions and other resources specific to the Energy Sector.
  • TIBCO Community Exchange contains under category “Analytics” reusable components and data functions that can be downloaded and then added to your dxp file.
  • TIBCO Answers page is a question and answer forum for TIBCO Products. Spotfire questions can be asked under Analytics or Spotfire tags.
  • Dr Spotfire will feature online training and Q&A sessions biweekly for both new Spotfire users and existing Spotfire users.

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