March into Madness Armed with Data Insights

iStock 608524308 e1521565179660 March into Madness Armed with Data Insights

Since over 17 million ESPN brackets are already … less than perfect… it’s likely you aren’t overly pleased with how your predictions turned out. Next time, why not put analytics in the game to give your lineup a boost? Get insights into all of your pressing bracket questions, from upset odds to repeating champions, using TIBCO Spotfire.

(See how the TIBCO Spotfire Bracket did!)

With the rise of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and incredibly intelligent and visually appealing analytics dashboards, data scientists are becoming just as excited about the NCAA tournament as basketball diehards!

With TIBCO software, you can have the incredibly quick actionable insight of Michael Porter Jr., the visibility of Ben Simmons into the unknown, and self-service ability like Jalen Brunson.   Starting with the data itself, everyone knows that data preparation is necessary before analysis can begin. Often times you need to see the data before you notice it needs adjusting. Why toggle back and forth between multiple applications slowing your analysis to a crawl, and possibly introducing errors? Spotfire data wrangling functions permit users to adjust data without having to leave your analysis.

Using Spotfire you can mashup data from multiple sources. Already have a good game-focused dataset? What about adding location data on top of it? For example, how much of a factor does distance away from the hometown affect the odds of winning? Use Spotfire Map Charts to give compelling visual insights into game locations vs the home location of the college.

Don’t know where to start? You don’t need to be an analytics expert. Grab a data set and let the Spotfire wizard recommended visualizations.

Get ready for the insanity now. Download a free trial of TIBCO Spotfire, watch our tutorial videos, and find a few public datasets to get started. Let the madness begin!

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