Melbourne Airport and Essent on Success with TIBCO

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Melbourne Airport Launches Digital Transformation to Become a Smart City

Melbourne Airport expects to service about 64 million passengers by 2033, double today’s volume. “To service this growth, we need to use all our assets in a smarter fashion, and we think that technology, amongst other things, will allow us to move from a mini city to a smart city, and provide major value-add for our customers and the business,” says Vic Raymond, ICT Planning and Delivery manager.

Andrew May, senior consultant with Nukon says, “We needed a platform that could support the strategic vision, not just now, but something that is going to be evolving 10 years from now, a foundation that is vendor agnostic and allows connecting a large number of devices, any device whether an IT system, a control system, or another type of asset, and then present that in a user friendly way. TIBCO technology is a core enabler.”

Learn more about the project’s architecture using TIBCO StreamBase, TIBCO Live Datamart, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, and TIBCO Enterprise Message Service, and its timing, scope, and progress.

Essent Supplies Self-service Energy for Customer and Employee Satisfaction

Over the last 10 years, the energy market in the Netherlands evolved dramatically. “Gas and electricity consumers in the Netherlands got the right to switch suppliers, the government unbundled retail from power generation functions, Essent was acquired by RWE, and we began offering services to the broader European market,” explains Senior Enterprise Architect Niels Wolf. “Like every organization, our goals are to increase revenue and make a profit, but also to give our customers self-service capabilities. We needed to adapt very quickly to what the customer wants. If you don’t adapt to their needs and wishes, your competitors will, and you will be out of business before you know it.

“From a technology perspective, we needed fast performance, and that meant decoupled systems for optimal flexibility.”

Learn how, relying on the TIBCO platform, Essent solved its legacy problems and launched cost-cutting customer self-service, fast innovation through partnerships, and fast performance that is increasing agility and bringing in IoT/sensor data for energy supply planning.

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