Personal Productivity—Keeping My Product Management Brain Sane

rsz bigstock 129439529 Personal Productivity—Keeping My Product Management Brain Sane

The end of the calendar year is quickly approaching, and that means everyone is busy wrapping up projects at work or planning new projects for the holidays (or new projects at work). At TIBCO we’re not that different. December is a great month to reflect on this year and plan the year ahead, and a big question remains during this time—how can I keep my Product Management mind sane?

I guess my colleagues would describe me as organized and detail-oriented, and with the introduction of TIBCO Simplr,  I’ve been able to automate a lot of my complex tasks. I also avoid a lot of menial copy and pasting-type tasks, making me more organized and freeing up time and energy to talk to our customers about how we can improve our software.

Trello is one of the applications I’ve been using for quite a while now to track my work while I’m getting things done. Every week I have a review where I look over what I’ve done, what I haven’t done, and what my schedule looks like for the next week. Prior to using Simplr, I had to copy and paste all my tasks, but the Trello connector in Simplr sends me an email as a reminder to have the review and gives me the information I need.

I’m in the fortunate position that I get the chance to talk to a lot of our customers, either using video conferencing tools or in-person meetings. As a detail-oriented person, I want to keep that information—like notes from the meeting—in a single place. Luckily, this is another task where Simplr helps me out. Whether the meeting is scheduled with CISCO WebEx or in person, I can count on Simplr to generate an Evernote note with the meeting details and some space to take notes. After the meeting, it creates a new item on my Trello board to make sure I review in my next weekly review (thank goodness for multi-step Simplr flows).

As I’m writing this, we’re wrapping up from Gartner’s Application Strategies & Solutions Summit, where I kept track of people visiting our booth and the questions that came up on our products.  To make this as easy as possible, I’ve created a form to capture feedback and questions which will be sent to a single Evernote note and to a Google Sheet I’ve shared with the team.

As part of the email campaigns for TIBCO Cloud Integration, we’re giving everyone that provides us with feedback an extra week to kick the tires of our iPaaS platform. The responses are gathered by TIBCO Simplr forms and sent to our CloudOps team. Within TIBCO, we’re heavy users of Atlassian JIRA to track the tickets and tasks for our various engineering teams, so instead of just sending an automated email to our CloudOps team, we also use Simplr to schedule tasks in JIRA for them to extend the trials.

As you can see, with the help of Simplr, I can avoid a lot of the copy and pasting I used to do. Automating these actions helps to keep my product management mind sane and frees up time to focus on customer feedback. If you want to see if Simplr can help you (and I’m pretty sure it will), try it out today!

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