The Fascinating Story of API-led Digital Transformation at News Corp Australia

news corp aus blog The Fascinating Story of API led Digital Transformation at News Corp Australia

News Corp Australia is part of the world’s largest media and information service, and the conservator of leading brands like Fox Sports and Vogue. Behind that acclaimed service is a fascinating story of digital transformation that turned a successful newspaper giant into a savvy online player able to keep up by finding, following, and actually crafting online markets for its business, entertainment, sports, world, and breaking news all over the globe.

For most of the past 100 years, the company had been printing newspapers. “We created a lot of really strong brands,” says Myles Lagolago-Craig, head of digital platforms. “We were recognizing that we had to be custodians of those brands. And as News Corp has gone into digital, we’ve really tried to bring those brands online. It was a struggle. Digital is not easy, digital scale is not easy, and media is not easy.”

In this upcoming videocast, Myles elaborates on the digital transformation journey at News Corp and the disruptors that drove, as he puts it, “a large, bold step change” within the company. He describes a technology and cultural transformation and shares best practices and recommendations for others who may be contemplating, preparing, or embarking on a similar journey.

Watch to learn three key things about what News Corp Australia is achieving today.

“The key role of my platforms is to lower the cost of entry for our products to experiment in the marketplace.”

― Myles Lagolago-Craig, head of digital platforms

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