TIBCO Named Market Leader in Middleware-as-a-Service for 2017

leader banner 620x360 TIBCO Named Market Leader in Middleware as a Service for 2017

Integration is the lifeblood of today’s digital companies, and TIBCO is at the forefront, providing some of the best and most comprehensive integration solutions out there today.

According to Ovum’s latest research paper, “Ovum Decision Matrix: Selecting a Middleware-as-a-Service Suite, 2017–18,” TIBCO is one of today’s best vendors offering middleware-as-a-service (MWaaS). Download the report free, compliments of TIBCO: Ovum’s MWaaS report.

TIBCO got high scores on all four of the vendor selection criteria:

— Cloud integration
— API platform (both creation and management)
— B2B integration
— IoT application integration

As you can see, there are many components to a company’s integration needs, and TIBCO is helping companies support all aspects of their integration scenario with a comprehensive MWaaS suite.

An MWaaS includes TIBCO’s popular iPaaS as well as an “apiPaaS, mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) and other cloud-based integration services, such as data-centric PaaS and cloud-based B2B integration services.”

A lot of companies today are not ready to move fully into the cloud due to regulations, age of core applications or simply because of their willingness, but still need to connect everything to get a complete view of their customers. They have what is known as a hybrid scenario with a combination of legacy systems that reside on-premises and newer tools that reside in the cloud. It’s more appropriate to consider a company’s entire integration needs, rather than just narrow use cases.

Ovum says companies should be looking at a vendor’s overall MWaaS offerings as opposed to just narrowly focusing on their iPaaS solution. An MWaaS will more appropriately address a digital company’s entire spectrum of integration needs.

Ovum graded TIBCO as one of the best choices out there to help companies with their entire spectrum of integration needs. Now is the perfect time to look at your entire integration environment and really assess your needs from the ground up. TIBCO can help. Contact us today.

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