TIBCO NOW: The Sequel—Coming to Berlin June 2017

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Berlin has become a unique, multicultural hub, filled with an eclectic assortment of people from more than 150 nations. It has a vibrant art community, a unique club scene, is extremely bike friendly, houses one of the largest zoos in the world, is awash in history, and where you can find delicious döner kababs just about everywhere. We promise—you will love Berlin!

Please join us at TIBCO NOW 2017—the Berlin Adventure! You’ll learn HOW to interconnect absolutely everything and extract more and better intelligence from your data. Trailblazers, thought leaders, industry experts – it’s going to be an amazing experience.

There is a lot to do in Berlin, too! 200 museums to explore, 1700 bridges and 70 lakes to visit, and … not that you’ll want to leave the TIBCO NOW event for any reason … Berlin is one of the only places you can base jump 125 meters (that’s 410 foot) as you free fall from the Berlin TV Tower. Wow!

Register now for TIBCO NOW in Berlin! Explore this amazing capital city and attend (or sponsor) the event. Early-bird pricing starts at $ 695 and has been extended to April 21, 2017! Don’t wait any longer!

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