TIBCO Stands with Texas: Supporting Relief Efforts for Hurricane Harvey

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Even if you are nowhere near the storm, the devastating affects of Hurricane Harvey continue to flash before our eyes. The number of deaths and injuries continues to rise while thousands of Texans are displaced from their homes. Hurricane Harvey is said to be the most powerful storm to hit the United States in over a decade and the gravity of this situation continues to come to light as time goes on.

Due to the severity of this situation, TIBCO has chosen to postpone the Houston Energy Forum and instead focus their efforts on supporting those affected by Hurricane Harvey. TIBCO is dedicated to supporting their employees, customers, partners, and all others whose lives have been uprooted by this major disaster. With TIBCO’s close ties to many in Texas, this devastating situation is personal. TIBCO has 60 employees that currently reside in the Houston area—all have been confirmed to be okay however, some unfortunately suffered the loss of their homes. TIBCO will continue to work closely with them and the entire city to repair the damage left in the wake of this storm.

From initial storm damage to ongoing flooding, it is clear residents have a long road ahead of them. This makes not only immediate support but also, long term support vital to the recovery of these communities. To help with this, TIBCO is working to ensure its Houston employees are taken care of, in addition to making a donation to help the general community in Houston. We invite you to join TIBCO in giving to local relief organizations.

For information regarding the Houston Energy Forum, please visit energyforum.tibco.com

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