What’s New in Spotfire: What Users Say, August 2017

tr blog1 What’s New in Spotfire: What Users Say, August 2017

On TrustRadius, a community of professionals sharing software reviews, software discussions, and best practices, one user (a product manager for a mobile analytics cloud platform company with 5,000+ employees) says:

“Spotfire is being used by several departments across the organization. Spotfire provides us with the ability to create visualizations and dashboards from the data that we have collected. In addition, it allows us to build and deploy complex predictive models. The business problems that it solves are: 1) what are the characteristics of our device performance and can we see/understand aberrations in that activity, and; 2) what do our financials look like and how are we as an organization performing, what are the issues we face, and, can we project/forecast upcoming performance and issues.”

One of the three aspects of predictive analytics in Spotfire includes Spotfire Statistics Services that allows a business user who doesn’t have expertise in statistics to use the most relevant predictive analytics available. Here’s how:

Scarce technical resources (data scientists) prototype analyses in their environment of choice (R, SAS, etc.), specifying the types of inputs and outputs expected, then deploy the analysis to Spotfire Statistics Services. That deployment makes it available to Spotfire application developers who, without any coding or any deep understanding of the details, can integrate the analysis into a Spotfire application. So, with Spotfire, you can easily provide relevant advanced analytics to a community of users. Learn more about Spotfire and predictive analytics:

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